5th September 2020

To All Members,

Subject: Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 24th August to Sunday, 30th August 2020)

Dear Members,


Please find appended relevant activities of our association for the period (Monday, 24th August to Sunday, 30th August, 2020)

  _Segments covered are_

        * Communication / Letters that addressed key issues
        * Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings

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1.Communication / Letters that addressed key issues

  _Segment 1 update sequence by date:24,25,26,27,28 August_

Monday, 24th August

        * Request to organise a Press Conference to express grievances of the tourism and hospitality industry of not having been considered for any relief package from the Government.

On date IATO wrote to Mr. Nakul Anand, Chairman, FAITH on the above subject

Tuesday, 25th August


On the date, IATO wrote to Mrs. Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism on the above subject and also looking forward to the appointment of a Nodal Officer from the Ministry on MSME.

Thursday, 27th August

        * Regarding Inbound tourism strategies

As desired by a Travel Media house, IATO wrote on the 27th of August on the above and covered three key points

        * To create confidence among foreign tourists
        * Emphasis should be on Marketing India Tourism products in International markets by the Ministry of Tourism
        * Once borders are open, prepare

Friday, 28th August

        * Reminder letter sent to Ministry of Commerce

On date IATO wrote to Shri Bidyut Behari Swain, Special Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and requested to save tourism industry and support them to survive and revive their business by Increasing SEIS Scrips percentage from 7% to 10% for the tour operators and announcing the SEIS Scrips for 2019-20 at the earliest

A copy of the letter was marked to Shri Darpan Jain, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India

        * Reminder - Request for Financial Support for Survival of the tourism Industry

On date IATO requested Shri Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer, Niti Aayog on the above subject drawing his kind attention to the email sent on 3rd July 2020 post-meeting with him in his office on 2nd July 2020.

        * Reminder letter to Ministry of Tourism on Pending important issues of the industry – need your urgent attention

On date IATO wrote to Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma, Director General (Tourism) on the aforesaid subject and requested that: -

        * Revised MDA Guidelines and Revised Guidelines for MoT Recognition be announced immediately for which IATO will organise an interactive meeting for her to announce the same personally.

        * Ministry of Commerce/DGFT be requested to look into the request of IATO for Increase of SEIS Scrips to 10 % and same should be announced immediately.

        * Ministry of Finance be requested to consider financial support to tour operators of at least one-time financial grant of 75% to 80% of the gross salaries amount paid to the staff and Directors/partners of the recognised operators on the basis of balance sheet of financial year 2018-19,

Copy of the letter was marked to Additional Director General (Tourism) and Joint Director General (Tourism)

2.Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings

  Segment 2 update sequence by date:26,27,28 August

Wednesday, 26th August

        * Webinar of ITO Bangalore on Wednesday, 26th August 2020 at 11.30- 12.30 Hrs IST.

Members were informed on the 24th of August.

        * PATA travel mart registration for early bird offer extended till 31st august 2020

Members were informed on the 26th August 2020

Thursday, 27th August

        * TravelBiz Monitor in collaboration with The Dope News presented show ‘THE BIG FIX’ to explore the aspect of Aviation Industry - ‘Airline Refunds’ on Thursday 27th August, 2020 at 4pm.

IATO was invited and was a part of the panel which was attended by President and the same panel discussion shall be shown on U-tube on 6th September 2020

Friday, 28th August

        * Indiatourism, Guwahati, Webinar under Dekho Apna Desh was organized on 28th August,2020 at 04.00 p.m.

Members were informed on the 27th of August

All the above UPDATES are available on IATO Website.

Rahul Chakravarty