5th October 2020

To, All Members

Sub: IATO - Save Tourism - All India Campaign

Dear Colleagues,

This is with reference to IATO’s  initiative being taken for Save
Tourism – All India Campaign under the umbrella of FAITH.

Following are the activities that has been planned:-

  1. FAITH Joint Press Conference on Thursday, the 8th October 2020:-
FAITH is going to organise a Press Conference at 11 am where besides the
Chairman of FAITH, President of all the 10 FAITH member associations
will address the Press/Media. Also members of all associations can join
and can see this live press conference on Facebook. We shall send you
the details along with the link once it is finalised by FAITH.

2.Social Media Campaign:- Social Media Campaign through Twitter,
Facebook and Linkedin is also going to start by FAITH. A professional
agency will be engaged for this purpose. We shall send the details soon.

3. Post Card Writing Campaign – As informed earlier, IATO Post Card
Writing Campaign, addressing to the Prime Minister of India to start
from now onwards for which I request all our members to do the following

i)  To immediately, start sending post cards,  inland letters whatever
you get from your local post office,  addressed to the Hon’ble Prime
Minister with the following suggested slogans

        * Save Tourism Work force – responsible for earning valuable foreign
        * Save Tourism Industry - an engine for economic growth of the country
– now looking for survival and revival
        * I am a tourism professional, now jobless with empty pockets. Unable
to pay tuition fee for my children and .         pay my house rent.
        * Save Tourism, Save Employment
        * Save Tourism – Save employees and their families
        * Save Tourism – we have lost job
        * Save Tourism – for our livelihood
        * Save Tourism – Save millions of jobs
        * Save Tourism – Millions of jobs lost, help us
        * Tourism bleeding – Need support from the Government
        * Save Tourism- We are jobless, looking for Government support
        * Save Tourism –No jobs, give us jobs
        * Save Tourism – Withdraw TCS on foreign tourists
        * Save the tourism industry – We have no work, no salary, no money to
pay EMI, School Tuition Fee

        * Save tourist transport operators – We don’t have funds to pay
           EMIs, insurance for the vehicles which are overdue.

        * Save Tourism Employees – have been paying Income Tax. Now need
           help from the Government to live till Covid-19 pandemic is

        * Save Tourism – I have no funds to pay salary to my employees, have
           sent them on furlough, looking for Govt Help

        * Save Tourism – I don’t have funds to pay salary to my employees,
           have laid off my employees, now they are jobless , need help

        * Save Tourism - I have sold my tourist vehicles, need help for

ii)     Besides the above you and your employees can write and express
your sentiments, problems but it should not
         be more than 2-3, lines fit in the post card.

iii)     You can write in any Indian language you wish to express.

iv)      Post card should be sent by all members, their employees and
their family members.

v)       Address on which this needs to be sent is:-

Shri Narendra Modi

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister's Office

South Block, Raisina Hill

New Delhi-110011

4. Please start the Post Card Campaign immediately from today onwards
and inform the action taken by you to IATO office.

We are seeking support from all our partner associations to support for
the cause of "Save Tourism Workforce” for drawing attention of our
Government. Our aim is to send minimum 100000 (One Lakh) plus post

Looking forward to your support and cooperation to make this initiative
a big success, through which we expect some positive results to come.
This will not be possible without your support.

With regards,

Pronab Sarkar