25th July 2020

To All Members,

Sub: IATO Online Survey on COVID-19 Pandemic Effect on Employment in Travel & Tourism Industry.

Dear Colleagues, 

IATO had conducted an Online Survey on COVID-19 Pandemic Effect on Employment in Travel & Tourism Industry for which circular was sent to all members on 9th July 2020 with repeated reminders to participate in survey which was very easy to fill in. 

The purpose of this survey is to know the impact of COVID-19 on employment in Travel & Tourism industry and also to know the figures and the percentage of employment that has been affected and accordingly represent our demands to the government for the following:-


a) Financial support for survival of our members

b) To include Travel and Tourism industry under MSME for Non-Collateral Interest Free long term (5 – 10 years) loan for revival of tourism business

c) Enhancement in SEIS scrips from 7 % to 10 %.

The above issues were taken up with tourism Minister Shri Prahlad Singh Patel on 27th May and CEO, Niti Aayog - Mr. Amitabh Kant on 2nd July 2020 and discussed these issues and sought their help and support. But when we were asked to give some figures as to how this has negatively impacted the tourism industry, we were not able to give the same and hence this survey was conducted to give some idea to the government.

But it is really sad that out of 1700 members, only 258, (which is 15.17% only) members have participated and that too most of the members who are participated in this survey are from Delhi and NCR region and to some extent from Western Region. You will agree that with this kind of survey report,  we shall not be able to convince the Government for any kind of support.

Attached please find the Survey result based on participation of 258 members. Some of the members have not given the correct figures for the following questions:-


1.    Total number of employees before Covid 19 

2.    No. of employees retained

3.    No. of employees sent on leave without salary 

4.    No. of employees laid off

Total of serial 2 to 4 above should tally with serial 1 to arrive at correct figures.

We are keeping the Online Survey open for the members who have not yet participated. I would like to re-emphasise that we have asked few simple questions to get our members feedback. No company name or any other information is being asked and the information given by you would remain anonymous and would not be known to IATO even. You need to just submit the information online without disclosing your company’s name. Therefore, the information given by you through this online survey is totally safe for you to participate without disclosing your identity. 

May I request all our members who have not participated in the survey to participate in maximum numbers, enable give correct figures to the government to some extent as to how COVID -19 Pandemic has affected the employment in Travel and Tourism business. However, from one company only one survey to be submitted. 

In order to show our strength,  we need at least 60% members’ participation in the survey which will help IATO in creating some pressure on  the Government to consider our demands. 

Kindly spare two minutes of your valuable time to provide us this important information on the following link:-

Click on the link:   https://forms.gle/pc4vGmaXzqB74vvr8

Kindly revert with your response by 31st July 2020 

We once again request you to participate in Maximum Numbers.

Thanking you and with best regards,

Pronab Sarkar



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