25th June 2020 

Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma

Director General (Tourism)

Ministry of Tourism

Government of India 

Transport Bhawan

New Delhi - 110001

Respected Mrs. Sharma, 

Sub: Way forward and content creation strategies with respect to marketing and promotion of Tourism Post COVID-19

This is with reference to the discussion held during the online meeting held yesterday, the 24th June 2020 on the above subject.  

At the set, I, on behalf of the members of IATO, appreciate the efforts initiated by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India for the revival tourism, and thinking of preparing the Marketing plan well in advance and thinking way forward for post Covid-19 under present crises. 

Present situation as of JUNE 2020 is very critical and we have to come out of this situation as soon as possible. The whole world is watching India at the moment and sooner we get out of this pandemic situation, we shall be able to welcome tourists to our country. The present pandemic situation has stopped all tourism activities worldwide as entire world is suffering from this virus. This is critical for the travel and tourism industry whose success depends entirely on the ability and willingness of people to travel safe. Medical uncertainty in absence of vaccination are clear deterrents for traveller.

We thank you for discussing the matter with the Industry stake holders and giving us an opportunity to express our views. During the meeting, we already expressed some of our views in short due paucity of time. However, below are some of our key points for your consideration:-

Way forward post Covid -19


I.               Our focus on :

1.    Creation of demand 

2.    Confidence building among the travellers from source markets and within India.

3.    Priority promotion activity in India should be of those regions which are safe to travel without Covid -19 and are under green zones.

4.    Priority promotions with short videos with SOP on products such as Hotels, airports, vehicles, Hygienic environment of tourists spots, monuments, cities etc. showcasing New Normals in  place with proper care with branding Incredible Care.

5.    With the message of Welcoming tourists, by State Governments creating short videos of  each promoting states.

6.    Identify Overseas Source markets who are ready to begin tourism to India.


II.             Branding Incredible India 

1.    At present Incredible India branding is well known  to the world. Keeping in view it is time that now we should move forward to Multi- Product Branding of Incredible India. Incredible India Branding and promotion of Incredible in various ways such as creating :-

·       Incredible care, Incredible Hospitality, Incredible rural India, Incredible Adventure, Incredible MICE, Incredible Culture, Incredible History, Incredible Heritage, Incredible Cuisine, Incredible Arts and Culture, Incredible Indian Music, Incredible Forts and Palaces and so on.


III.            Content writing

1.    In order to have an effective website most effective content writing and marketing has emerged as one of the most dynamic areas of expertise. This has completely changed the landscape of digital marketing. It is quite obvious that users can find plenty of contents regarding their web queries. The writer has to make it so effective to ensure that the each word is picked up for maximum hits.

2.    The effective contents not only help gain more travellers but also generate business for the country. We have to have a strong content marketing strategies for digital promotions but also attract more travellers who are looking for selecting destinations to travel in future.

3.    Strong content marketing not only attract travellers but also the bloggers and tour operators who are searching for new destinations.

IV.           We should focus on following:-


1.    Write up with maximum detailed information of History, geography, approachability, connectivity, local culture, language, entertainment, accommodation, guide service etc.

2.    Calendar of events - Cultural, fairs and festivals, events etc. in sequence date wise.

3.    Promotion of all events - yearly or monthly etc

4.    Thematic promotion - Wildlife, Fairs, Festivals, Cuisine, Music, Dance, Rural, Farm, River Cruise, Ski, bike tours, Mountains etc.

5.    Countrywide Regional Promotions 

6.    Separate promotional video on Domestic, Inbound, Adventure, River Cruise and MICE 

7.    Highlight the best of the Luxury Hotels and Economy Hotels.

8.    Special promotion on Palace Hotels and Heritage Hotels all over India.

9.    Special promotion on Luxury Trains. 

10. Experiential Tours - City Walks etc.

11. Story telling on location at various tourist spots and rear locations.

12. Promotion of Rural and Farm tourism.

13. Promotion of Handicrafts in India

14. Promotion on facilities for Business travellers

15. Promotion on Car rentals 

16. Promotion of Tourist help line.

17. Tourists information on Currency exchange, Health care facility state wise and city wise, temperature guide per month state wise or city wise, Rainey Seasons in India, Tourist Police phone numbers, Emergency help line.

18. Visa rule for normal, E-visa all categories, business visa etc.


V.             Social Media

1.    Social media has undoubtedly emerged as one of the strongest and influential medium where the world comes to connect with each other. We are sure incredible India Social Media are already very strong on this subject.

2.    Content is an essential element that helps businesses to deliver a comprehensive coverage of their industry and product knowledge to their target audience. In addition to that, Social Media plays a big role, the blog also helps in gaining target audience attention specifically when it targets the most trending topics among the target audience. This is very useful for digital marketing, It is also contributing to the online communities enable them to grab value added target audience exposure and attention. In return, this brings them strong brand promotion, integration and target audience engagement.

We are sure, your valuable initiative to create a digital platform with new look with meaningful contents and get ready well in advance for Post Covid -19. This will help Tourism Industry and shall bring lot of satisfaction among the stake holders with positive vibrations, this will definitely emerge as a game changer and substantial growth in tourism shall be visible in the near future. Increase in numbers, tourists to visit our country and in a longer run shall be beneficial to the people of India.

Hope you find our above inputs/suggestions useful while planning digital marketing and promotion Post Covid-19. We are available for more discussion and inputs in the matter and may kindly feel free to remain in touch.

Thanking you and with best regards, 


Pronab Sarkar


(M) 9811102111


Copy to:  


Mrs. Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Verma, Joint Secretary (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

Mr. D. Venkatesan, Regional Director, India Tourism West, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India