11th March 2020


Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma

Director General (Tourism)

Ministry of Tourism

Government of India

Transport Bhawan

New Delhi

Respected Madam,

Sub: Request for Nil Cancellation charges for 1) Bookings made for Wildlife Safaris and  2) Booking made for Luxury Trains -  for the foreign tourists and cancelled due to Coronavirus (Covid 19)    

As you know Coronavirus has further spread over 100 countries and movement from various countries like, China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, South East and Far countries have badly affected. E-Visa and Normal visa  for nationals of many countries have been suspended by the Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs and tourists are not being allowed to enter India. This also applies to the nationals of other countries residing in these highly affected countries or have travelled to these countries after 1st February 2020.

As we have informed you earlier, lot of cancellations are being received by our members from all the effected countries including cancellations for Luxury Trains and the jungle Safaris.

For your information, the matter has been taken up with Railway Minister and Chief Minister Rajasthan and Rajasthan Tourism and copies of following letters are attached for your reference:-

  • Letter dated 11th March 2020 addressed to Hon’ble Minister Railways, Government of India
  • Letter dated 11th March 2020 addressed to Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan
  • Letter dated 11th March 2020 addressed to Principal Secretary (Tourism), Government of Rajasthan

May I request you for the following:-

  1. All the State Governments may kindly advised by our Ministry that there should be nil cancellation charges for the bookings made for Wildlife Jungle Safaris and full refund be made to the tour operators so that they can refund the same to their foreign tour operators/clients.
  2. Similarly Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) also be advised to refund the full amount without deducting any cancellation charges. We have taken up this matter with RTDC but there is no positive response from RTDC. Full refund be made in order for the tour operators to refund the same to their foreign tour operators/clients.

We need to keep our country’s image high to secure future business and cooperate with foreign counterparts/clients in this time of global crisis.

Looking forward to your support and cooperation.  

Thanking you and with best regards,