14th March 2020

To, All Members,

Sub: Record note of Discussion of IATO Emergency Meeting held on 13th March 2020 - Cancellations due to Coronavirus (COVID 19) and its impact on tourism industry    

Dear Members,

During the IATO Members Emergency Meeting held yesterday, the issues about the cancellations and impact of Coronavirus (COVID -19) on tourism industry was discussed. Various issues regarding non-refund by the hotels, wildlife parks, airlines, Luxury trains etc. were discussed for which action is being taken by IATO by taking up issues with the ministry of tourism, concerned authorities in the state government, FHRAI/HAI. etc.

1.       Members also raised issue about safe and hassle free travel back for the existing foreign tourists in India.

2.       Members were given a brief detail about the action IATO has already taken in the matter. Members were also briefed about the suggestions, which have been made by FAITH on behalf of the tourism and hospitality industry to financially help the industry in this difficult time.    

3.       As was informed during the meeting, IATO is making all its efforts and will approach the Government for financial bailout for which we will consult the experts and will make a proper proposal for consideration by the government.

4.       Besides the above, IATO has already taken up issues with the concerned authorities in the Centre and State Governments, FHRAI, HAI, FAITH about refund of advances paid to hotels, airlines, luxury trains, jungle safaris, river cruise etc. All this is being taken up once again strongly with the concerned authorities.  

5.       Members suggested to approach the Government for Moratorium on loans, financial support in the form of financial bailout, increase in SEIS etc.       

6.       A circular has been sent to the members asking to send us the names of the hotels, with the name of GM/Contact Person/email id by 2 pm on Monday, the 16 March 2020.

7.       Also during the meeting members were requested to let us know if they have any contacts with PMO, Finance Ministry, Commerce Ministry, Member of Parliaments so that we can raise our concern strongly and seek financial support from the Government. Members who have such contacts may please come forward and let us know if they can help and revert by Monday, the 16th March 2020

8.       Committees of Experts will be formed to deal with the matters, which we may require.

9.       To know the overall impact of the Coronavirus on the Indian tourism Industry, we need to assess the total downfall in the foreign tourists arrivals compared to last financial year and foreign exchange earnings so that we may approach the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Finance for some relief to the industry for financial   support.

In order to make a consolidated note to the Government about the loss industry will face may we request you to send us the following information by Wednesday, the 18th March 2020.

Total No. of Tourists (Pax)

Cancelled since 1st January 2020 including cancellation of future bookings

Estimated loss of Foreign Exchange (in INR)




Looking forward to hear from you.

With regards,

Rahul Chakravarty