20th January 2021,

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Subject: Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 11th January to Sunday, 17th January 2021)

Please find appended the Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 11th January to Sunday, 17th January 2021)

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Update on IATO Activities

(Monday, 11th January to Sunday, 17th January 2021)

Dear Members

Greetings from IATO !

Please find appended relevant activities of our association for the period (Monday, 11th January to Sunday, 17th January 2021)

Segments covered are

  1. Communication / Letters that addressed key issues
  2. Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings/Chapter news
  3. Media Coverage

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  1. Communication / Letters that addressed key issues

Segment 1 update sequence by date: 12 January

Tuesday, 12th   January

  • MoT Website link for renewal under maintenance/upgradation

IATO wrote to Mr. Neeraj Sharan,Asst. Director General (TT) as it understands that the MOT website link https://etraveltradeapproval.nic.in/ is presently under maintenance/upgradation. IATO wanted to know

  1. By which date it will be functional
  2. Those who have already applied before 31st December 2020, which guidelines will be applicable to them whether old or revised.
  3. IATO members whose recognition is due for renewal need to apply by 31st January 2021 and should be informed as to how would they be treated as they will not be able to apply by the deadline of 45 days prior to their expiry of renewal.

On the reply by Mr. Neeraj Sharan, updating that it is likely that by end of this month, the portal   (https://etraveltradeapproval.nic.in/ will be made live. Later as per discussion with him on the 14th January, it was verbally also clarified that

  • Those who have applied before 31st December 2020, new guidelines will be applicable to them.
  • Members whose recognition is due for renewal, they need to apply by 31st January 2021 and not able to apply due to website under modification, as per new guidelines, they can send an email to MOT and they will be given extension of their recognition till 31st March 2021.

However, written clarification, on the above is awaited from the Ministry.

  • Opening of Automated Refund of (1) fully unutilized tickets (2) the tickets covered under Supreme Court Judgment through GDS (Travel Port & Amadeus)

IATO wrote to Mrs. Meenakshi Malik, Executive Director (Commercial), Air India giving reference to Air India circular no. DSL/INC/145/20-21/MKTGNR dated 5th January 2021 on the above subject, thanking Air India to have opened refund in a staggered manner. Keeping in view the financial crisis of Tour Operators/ Travel Agents, IATO requested that

  1. The method of refund being adopted, should be adopted permanently with immediate effect and all travel agents’/tour operators may be advised that they should process the refund on GDS system on weekly basis so that debit should not exceed the sale every week.
  2. For the cancellations being received after 1st January 2021, no RA to be issued and refund be made immediately as was the practice before covid-19.

A copy of the letter was marked to A. Chairman & Managing Director, Air India, B. Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, C. Secretary Tourism and D. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

  1. Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings/ Chapter News

Segment 2 update sequence by date:12,13,14, 16 January

Tuesday, 12th   January

  • Ms. Vasuki K. Sundaram, Chairperson, IATO Maharashtra Chapter has been invited to Co-chair Indian Chamber of Commerce National Expert Committee on Tourism and Joint ICC Executive Committee

Wednesday, 13th January

  • IATO and TravTalk Webinar on "Labour Laws & HR Policies" was held on 13th January 2021 at 1130 Hours  

IATO in association with TRAVTALK organized a very important webinar on the subject "Labour Laws & HR Policies" as part of its skill development program on Wednesday, the 13th January 2021 from 1130 to 1330 hours. Dr. Aditi Kaushal, a law graduate, and Vice President Paralegal of KLA Management Consultant was the Guest Speaker.

  • Amendment to Chapter 24“Protected and Restricted Areas” of the Visa Manual 2019.

An email received from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India regarding inclusion of Tia village in the trekking route “Temisgam-Largyab-Pachnathang-Skuru” in the UT of Ladakh has been appended in the circular sent and accordingly the nomenclature of the said route has been changed to Temisgam-Tia- Largyab-Pachnathang-Skuru.

Thursday, 14th  January  

  • Video Recording of IATO Trav Talk Webinar on Digital Marketing held on 17th December 2020.

IATO in association with TravTalk organised a Webinar on Digital Marketing on 17th December 2020. Guest Speaker of this webinar was renowned Digital Marketing Guru Mr. Siddharth Rajasekar. Video recording of the webinar has been uploaded on the link https://www.facebook.com/337695879643088/posts/3668184229927553/

Saturday, 16th January

  • Uttar Pradesh Tourism organised a Webinar on Investment Opportunities in Tourism sector on Saturday, the 16th January 2021 at 1130 hours.

The webinar was organised to attract more tourists and potential investors to the state as per the new Tourism Policy -2018, which offers investors swift approval for projects, subsidies and fiscal benefits.

  1. Segment 3 update sequence by date: 12, January

Tuesday, 12th   January

  • Tour operators’ body urges govt to end cascading impact of multiple taxes


Wednesday, 13th January

Sunday, 17th January

  • IATO at Today’s Doordarshan panel discussion at 8 pm in Hindi and 9 pm in English on introducing 8 new trains for Kevadiya.

https://youtu.be/4wM66wza2LQ : DD NEWS In English, coverage from 19.42 to 28.30 min in the Video

https://youtu.be/hsXHD4RLafw    : DD NEWS In Hindi, coverage from  16.06 to 27.26 min in the video