14th March 2020


All Members,

Sub: Most important and urgent - Restriction of Tourist Movements including foreign tourists within the Country.

Dear Friends,

Attached please find a copy of the letter dated 13th March 2020 received from Additional Director General (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Government of India advising that tour operators to avoid movement of tourists including foreign tourists within the country so as to minimize the chances of spread of Coronavirus in our country.

It is to further inform all our members that many State Governments like Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Andaman, North East States and some other states have issued advisory not to allow any foreign tourists to enter in their states and no sightseeing is being allowed.

If any foreign tourists are entering these states are being quarantine for 14 days. Even tourists who are already in these states are being quarantined.

We understand that similar advisories are going to be issued by other states also.  

Therefore, members are advised to immediately inform their foreign tourists/clients to take international flight and return to their country without any delay.

This action by our Government is being taken for the protection of citizen of our country and contain the virus and overcome the present situation.

We look forward to your understanding and need your cooperation.

Please treat this as most important and urgent.

With regards,

Rahul Chakravarty


Subject: Tourist Group Movements within the Country

Date : 13th March 2020

Madam / Sir,

Please find enclosed letter dated 13.03.2020 from the Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, on the above subject.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Meenakshi Mehta

Deputy Director General
Travel Trade and PSU 
Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India
Transport Bhavan, 1, Parliament Street
New Delhi - 110 001
Tel : 011 - 23737665

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