25 November 2020


All Members,

Subject: Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 9th November to Sunday, 15th November 2020)

Dear All

Please find appended the Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 9th November to Sunday, 15th November 2020)

Rahul Chakravarty



Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 9th November to Sunday, 15th November 2020)

Dear Members


Please find appended relevant activities of our association for the period (Monday, 9th November to Sunday, 15th November 2020)

Segments covered are

1.                 Communication / Letters that addressed key issues

2.                 Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings/Chapter news

3.                 Media Coverage


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1.       Communication / Letters that addressed key issues

Segment 1 update sequence by date:10,12 November

Tuesday, 10th  November

Ø IATO made a request on behalf of the Tourism Services Sector to help during Covid -19 Pandemic

IATO wrote to Mr. Sanjeev Sanyal, Principal Economic Advisor, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance and requested

       i.            To increase SEIS Scrips percentage from 7% to 10% for the tour operators. 

     ii.            To announce the SEIS Scrips for 2019-20 at the earliest 

  iii.            Bank Loan to Tour Operators under MSME 

Ø IATO Submits Suggestions for Union Budget 2021-22 amendments in Direct & Indirect Taxes

IATO wrote to Mr Shri G.D. Lohani, Joint Secretary (TRU-I), Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC), Minister of Finance (Department of Revenue) with reference to the letter dated 23.10.2020 from Shri Abhishek Verma, Budget Officer, Tax Research Unit (TRU), Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Govt. of India, New Delhi inviting suggestions from IATO for changes in Direct and Indirect Taxes through the upcoming Union Budget 2021-22.

The key issues and our recommendations, which needs favourable consideration by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India for the growth of tourism in our country.      

        I.            Tourism industry to be treated as deemed exporter at par with IT Industry under export of services 

      ii.            Removal of cascading effect of GST on Tourism Industry

    iii.            Removal of GST on service provided outside India to foreign tourists

    iv.            Withdrawal of tax collection at source (TCS) for the foreign tourists 

      v.            Extension of service exports from India scheme (SEIS) for the tourism industry for the next 5 years in the new foreign trade policy 2021-25

    vi.            A Small correction in the conditions prescribed against 5% GST notified for tour operators services 

  vii.            Refund of IGST paid by the tourist leaving India on supply of goods taken out of India -Tax Refund for Tourists (TRT) Scheme under section 15 of the IGST Act 2017 to be implemented.

viii.            Reduction of GST on private ferry tickets at Andaman

A copy of the letter was marked to a) Revenue Secretary b) Secretary (Economic Affairs) and c) Budget Officer, Tax Research Unit

Thursday, 12th November

IATO has been confirmed by WTTC that it is aligned with the Safe Travels protocols. IATO will have the opportunity to assume the role of a Safe Travels ambassador to its stakeholders, advocating the implementation of the Safe Travels protocols and the uptake of the Safe Travels stamp to its association members and ensure their ongoing compliance with the protocols and the Terms & Conditions. IATO can add the stamp with its logo to emails, locations, etc.


2.  Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/ Meetings

Segment 2 update sequence by date:9,10,13 November

Monday, 9th November

Mr. S. Mahalingaiah, Chairman, IATO Karnataka Chapter attended the Gujarat Tourism Roadshow in Bangalore.

Tuesday, 10th  November  

Ø A Webinar on Understanding schemes and methodology for getting benefits under MSME provisions was organised on 12th November 2020 by India Tourism West Mumbai. Mrs. Vasuki Sundaram, Chairman IATO Maharashtra Chapter was the guest speaker who raised issues on behalf of IATO and gave her suggestions.

Friday, 13th   November

Ø All Active members were informed on Handling of Fam Tour for extending hospitality to Mr. Ajeet Upadhyay, Winner of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat received from Indiatourism Mumbai,

Ø All Active members were informed on Handling of Fam Tour for extending hospitality to Mr. Viradiya Ravi Jagdishbhai winner of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat received from Indiatourism Mumbai.

Ø  All Members were informed about the IATO Elections – 2020 by the Returning Officer for the elections to be held on 6th March 2020.

3.    Media Coverage

Segment 3 update sequence by date:13 November

Friday, 13th   November

Ø Young Indians in Labour-Intensive Sectors Worst Hit As Economic Pain Deepens by Huffington Post, USA India branch took the initiative and printed following for USA and Indian readers.


Rahul Chakravarty