05 November 2020


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Subject: Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 26th October to 1st November Sunday,2020)

Dear All,

Please find appended the Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 26th October to 1st November Sunday,2020)

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Update on IATO Activities (Monday, 26th October to Sunday, 1st November 2020)

Dear Members


Please find appended relevant activities of our association for the period (Monday, 26th October to Sunday, 1st November 2020)

Segments covered are

  1. Communication / Letters that addressed key issues
  2. Webinars/Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings/Chapter news
  3. Media Coverage

Request your feedback to further the content of our weekly report.  

  1. Communication / Letters that addressed key issues

Segment 1 update sequence by date:27, October

Tuesday, 27th October   

  • Letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister -Request to help the Inbound Tourism Industry and release SEIS 2019/20 under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

IATO made a prayer to the Hon’ble Prime Minister

     I)        To increase SEIS Scrips percentage from 7% to 10% for the tour operators’/travel agents. 

   ii)   To announce the SEIS Scrips for 2019-20 at the earliest.

As now the SEIS is the only hope, which shall help tour operators for survival, revival and remain Atamnirbhar. 

A copy of the request letter was sent to 

  1. Hon’ble Minister for Finance
  2. Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry
  3. Hon’ble Minister of State for Finance, Ministry of Finance,  
  4. Hon’ble Minister of Tourism & Culture, 


On the above context, on date, IATO also wrote to Shri T.G.  Venkatesh, Member of Parliament, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism & Culture with reference to its earlier email/letter sent on 15th October 2020 regarding the request to help the tourism industry for Survival and Revival. The letter sent to Hon’ble Prime Minister today and copy sent to all the concerned Hon’ble Ministers to help the Inbound Tourism Industry and release SEIS 2019/20 under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 was enclosed.

A request was made to kindly support the industry and send his recommendations to Hon’ble Prime Minister to help the tourism industry and release SEIS for 2019/20.

A copy was marked to Mr. P. Narayanan, Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament of India.

The letter was also forwarded to Mr. Maneck Davar, Chairman, Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC), seeking his support and taking up the matter through the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India


2.Webinars/ Panel Discussions/Circulars/Meetings/Chapter News

Segment 2 update sequence by date:26,30,31 October

Monday, 26th October  

  • Iato’s motivational session was organised with Ms. Sakshi Mandhyan on Monday, the 26th October 2020 from 1130 hours to 1230 hours.

Members were informed on the 20th October

  • Wide Press Coverage of IATO request letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister seeking release of SEIS 2019/20 under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

Members were informed today.

Friday, 30th   October

  • IATO was on the panel of the Webinar held today on Recovery of Hospitality and Tourism in the coming months
  • ASSOCHAM: Webinar on "International Tourism: India the Destination" was held on Friday, 30 October 2020 at 3 pm

Members were informed on the 29th October

Saturday, 31st   October

  • Dekho Apna Desh Webinar series: Episode 62- River Cruising- The ultimate tourism experience was organized on 31st October 2020

Members were informed on 29th October

  • Post Covid-19 - Promotion and Marketing of Incredible India by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

Members were requested on date to give their inputs/suggestions so that a consolidated note can be made and sent with collective ideas to the Ministry of Tourism. 



  3. Media Coverage


Segment 3 update sequence by date:28,29,October

Wednesday, 28stOctober  

  • Tour Operators association writes to PM Narendra Modi to release service exports scheme benefits for 2019-20


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Thursday, 29nd October