14th December 2018

To, All IATO members 

Sub: Use of IATO, ITTA (Transport Operator) or MoT approved Transport Operators 

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that IATO received a request from ITTA with chart Tariff for Cars and Coaches on 5th December 2018 with the request to circulate the same to the members.

However, IATO made it clear to ITTA that IATO cannot accept any tariff issued by ITTA and the rates negotiated between the Tour Operator/ Travel Agent with the concerned Transport Operator directly would be applicable and we cannot fix any such rates. 

Members are therefore advised that IATO does not support the tariff which are circulated by any transport operator mentioning that these are approved by IATO and Members are free to choose their Bus / Car Operators and  pay the rates, which are mutually agreed to both i.e. tour operator and transporter. 

Besides, IATO also made it very clear that to maintain balance/competition in transport rates for all groups/clients other than Fam tours :-

   i.  Transport Operators would not provide free transport.

   ii.  Transport Operators would not provide transport only on diesel basis.

  iii.  Transport Operators would not provide transport and bill only for taxes.

  iv.  Transport Operators will not take tips from the drivers.

However, to support ITTA, we, agreed that on our part we would advise our members to use the following Bus / Car Operators if they so desire:-

a)    Transporters who are IATO members.

b)   Transporters who are ITTA Members.

c)    Transporters who are recognized by the Ministry of Tourism Government of India / State Government.

d)   All transporters shall have their vehicles comprehensive insurance to cover passenger, driver and vehicle.

e)    All drivers should wear uniform and should be able to converse in basic English.

Above are the guidelines only, but IATO cannot enforce any member and interfere in their business operation. 

Best regards,


Pronab Sarkar