DEL/288/2018                                   28th March, 2018

To All Active Members,

Dear Colleagues,

Sub: IATO Elections, 28th April, 2018 - Election Procedure 

This is to remind you about the IATO Elections to be held on Saturday, the 28th April, 2018 at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi.

Attention is drawn to Indian Association of Tour Operators’ Memorandum of Association clause 11 (Election), Sub clause (f) which is reproduced below.

“The Election of the Committee/Office Bearers shall be strictly by secret ballot, including postal ballot and proxies. The Returning Officer shall ensure that postal ballots will be available only for out station members. The Returning Officer shall also ensure that members availing the facility of proxy shall send their letters authorizing their proxy to vote on their behalf in sealed covers/envelopes, minimum of 2 days before the election date. The Executive Committee with the requisite quorum and the Returning Officer shall open the sealed proxies and after proper identification/verification declare them valid at least 24 hours prior to the election date.”

Note: As per the decision of the General Body, the proxy can be given only by Delhi and NCR members to a person from the same company/organization.  However, outstation members have the facility to send their ballot by post/courier or cast vote in person. Proxy from outstation members would not be accepted.   


  • Last date for receiving Proxy/Postal Ballot shall be 3 P.M. on Thursday, 26th April, 2018 at IATO Office in sealed envelope and addressed to the Returning Officer. Ballot Papers to 94 outstation members will be sent separately through Speed Post or courier.  
  •  Ballot Paper should reach IATO office positively by 3 pm on 26th April, 2018. All outstation members are requested to send their Ballot Paper only by Speed Post/Courier directly to the IATO office. Please do not hand over or send the Ballot Paper through any other member. Ballot papers handed over in person will not be accepted.  
  • Please note that Proxy/ballot papers received by fax or Email will not be accepted and would be treated invalid. 
  • On the Proxy Authority letter, signature of the proxy to be verified by the authorized signatory/representative of the company on the company letter head. A sample of the proxy authority letter is attached. 
  • Outstation members means – members located at places other than Delhi and NCR. 
  • ID proof is must in case of proxy as well as active members casting their vote in person. In case of proxy vote, a proof of employment with the concerned company will need to be produced.
  • A list of 379 active members, with the names of authorized representatives is attached. There are 06 (six) members who have not paid their membership fee for financial year 2017-18 so far. These six members will not be allowed to cast their vote in case their annual subscription is not received in the IATO office by 16th April 2018.  
  •  If there is any discrepancy or name change in IATO records, the same should be brought to the notice of IATO office immediately at the earliest and in any case not later than 16th April, 2018. 



Akshay Kumar

Returning Officer

IATO Elections - 2018


Enclosure:- (A) List of Active Members as on date   

                     (B) Sample of Proxy Authority Letter