9th April 2019

To All Members

Dear Friends,

This is further to our email sent yesterday regarding urgent questionnaire for the members of SEPC.

We have got a call from SEPC that response from the members is very lukewarm.

This survey is being done for the members benefit, hence members are requested to take active part and respond by filling up the questionnaire by opening the form via google link mentioned below and submit immediately positively by 4 pm tomorrow  

The Google form link is:- 


Copy of this can be sent to: gul@falconfirst.com

With regards,

Pronab Sarkar


8th April 2019

To, All Members

Sub: Important and Urgent Questionnaire For The Exporters/ member of Sepc

Dear Friends,

Placed below please find an email with questionnaire from SEPC.

This is very important and useful information which SEPC require from the exporters/Members of SEPC. 

Kindly revert definitely by 4 pm tomorrow, the 9th April 2019  on email id communications.sepc@gmail.com

Please treat this as most urgent and important.

With best regards,

Pronab Sarkar