Planet Holidays is a professionally-run, travel destination management company that has been awarded the Most InnovativeTour Operator by the Department of Tourism, Government of India for the year 2007-2008.
It may well be possible that you are already familiar with some of our team leaders as well as our professional competenceand dedication. The Company is managed by a close-knit team of experts and professionals* drawn from complementary yetdiverse fields of specialization. As a team we have been responsible, in the past, for the growth of some of the leading travelcompanies of today.
Planet holidays started as the brainchild of our Managing Director, Rajesh Mudgill, a post graduate in management studiesfrom the University of Delhi. He has over two decades of rich and varied experience in travel management and tourism behind him. As a professional par excellence, he is credited with saving the corporate giant Abercrombie & Kent in the mid 1990s from scratch. Rajesh Mudgill is widely acknowledged today as one of leading persons responsible for promoting the tourism industry in India.
Planet Holidays offers you, or your clients, total travel and tour-related solutions. We offer special interest tours, camping, soft adventure, HRD training programs, seminars, conferences and Special Corporate Retreat Programs, incentive (even for FITs!) ,cultural, health tours, student excursions, train tours , wildlife and adventure tours, at all destinations in India, as well as at select neighbouring countries. Our ability to deliver innovative and customized products to customers, both in India and overseas, gives us our cutting-edge competitive advantage.
At Planet Holidays, we are proud to be amongst the few travel companies which respect all facets of the ecological sensitivities. Our assets include our in-house infrastructure, knowledge, experience, network and logistic support. Also, our intuitive understanding of the wants, needs and desires of the discerning traveler help us to serve you better. We assure you, with confidence, that in matters of excellence in quality and service , we envy no one! Based on our collective fields of specialization and experience, we cater mainly to three types of travelers - viz The Inbound Travelers (Visitors to destinations in India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sri Lanka),the Corporate Traveler (both visitors to India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sri Lanka as well as Corporate Travelers from the Indian subcontinent who desire to travel to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and other parts of South East Asia, destinations in Australia, Europe and America) and travelers from schools and other educational institutions (both inbound as well as domestic).

Specialization Detail:

At Planet Holidays, we enjoy rather unfair advantages over our closest competitors. And it is you, as well as your clients, who get to benefit. To a casual visitor, the Indian subcontinent presents itself as delightfully enchanting, yet frustrating destination. We provide the guidance to help you savour and relish to the utmost, its mysteries and compelling secrets.
o All members of our core management team have a minimum of about fifteen years of experience in their respective fields of specialistaion. Over the years, our existence in this industry has equipped us better to handle complete travel and destination management for corporate incentives, dealer conferences and training programs.
o The Planet Holidays team offers you innovative products and the best possible services.
o Depending on individual needs or the travel program selected by you, our services include assistance in getting confirmed journey tickets (both during the entire travel period as well as for the return journey ) , hotel reservations (We offer stay at some of the best hotels available!) medical aid or insurance,evacuation assistance by experts (particularly for adventure expeditions) ,services of interpreters or local experienced certified travel guides among other facilities.
o As a company, we are ecology-minded. All our camps are specially designed to be environment friendly.
o You have the advantage of availing of our special expertise in camping at locations no one else can offer. For mobile camping , as well as at our permanent camp sites, we use our own equipment and infrastructure. We can set up safe and secure camps (including deluxe Swiss cottage tents, complete with WC toilet, wash room, furniture, private veranda and perhaps even a personal valet!).
o While operating programs for students, safety issues from our prime consideration. We take care to provide safe and secure, separate residential arrangements for boys and girls.
o Adventure expeditions, special-interest tours, health-care tours and programs for students are designed and
conducted under the guidance of professionals or leading experts in the respective specialized field.
o We offer special helicopter services to physically-challenged or aged people and also to those who desire to
undertake particularly short-duration adventure activities.
o With our own transportation fleet, infrastructure and reliable network of associates, the Planet Holidays team
provides you with better time managed schedules, cost advantages and high standards.
We have excellent relationships with all major hotels, hotel chains and service providers in India, Nepal , Tibet , Bhutan,Mauritius, Maldives and the Middle East. Another great advantage we offer is our transport fleet of deluxe air-conditioned luxury coaches. We mostly use our own transport vehicles at places where we conduct outdoor adventure activities like camping, jeep safaris in desert and mountains, during trekking tours, rock climbing tours, rafting trips and nature walks. The company owns properties in India. Our camps are located in the Himalayas, at Ranikhet, (The Windsor Lodge, Uttaranchal), at Shivpuri (Great Himalayan expeditions Camp near Rishikesh), at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (The Dune Safari Camp, permanent deluxe tents locations on the exotic Sam desert ) and at Geejgarh, Rajasthan offering a rare indepth interaction with rural India. All locations offer excellent facilities for conferences, seminars and HRD training programs and programs and are well connected by road, rail and air.
Our Great Himalayan Expeditions Camp at Rishikesh is situated by the River Ganges - revered by Hindus as the Holy River. The camp offers easy access to high-grade white-water rafting facilities under the supervision of our expert guides. Its easy approach from Delhi and its serene surroundings, make it a popular weekend destination for even the non-rafting kind!

Brief details about the services offered:

Over the years, our team leaders have handled several distinguished travelers. Our team members have hands-on experience with numerous incentive group tours from different countries, including those from several European corporate giants. Probably, we are also the only company to offer incentive programs for individual travelers (FITs), in India and overseas. Duration of most of these tours could be between 3 and 15 days, or even more. From boat cruise dinners to vintage car tours. From date with maharajas to camel polo. From visits to fun parks to fitness camp. From mock wedding (in traditional Indian wedding costumes!) to theme parties. From tonga or rickshaw rides to boat excursions. From cultural and gala evenings on the desert to elephant polo. From dining with nawabs and royal family members to honeymoon trip at some of exotic locales. From safari to mock village Olympics (at a specially set-up tent colony!). Our proposals, specially designed for you, could go on almost endlessly! Based on your budget, your available time requirement as well as the number of people you wish to include (and their special interests ) we can offer “value for -money” programs for those whom you need to reward.You can choose a program dedicated to showcase a particular aspect of the subcontinent or even try out uncommon combinations to make your holiday a more memorable one. Be it the Taj Mahal, the forts and Palaces, monuments, temples, the contemporary or historic cities or the colourfully attired local inhabitants, the numerous ethnic tribes, communities or members of any particular regional sect. be it the Himalayan mountains, the seaside, the , desert or the tropical rain forests at the
Sunderbans or Indian history spanning over 5000 years, traditions of the past or the contemporary civilization, legends, practices & beliefs. Be it the symbolism of classical Indian dances, local handicrafts, renowned schools of
music or painting styles perfected over generations or the humble roadside craftsman. At Planet Holidays we strive to deliver India with a difference. 

Contact Details:


Contact Person: MR. RAJESH MUDGILL




State: DELHI

Pincode: 110030


Phone: 011-29521317,29523862

Mobile: 9810615670


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