Centre Tours and Travel, a company that is well established in the international travel business and has a proven track record of successful clients.

To experience the essence of India, Centre Tours offers you a wide range of itineraries give you India in its varied forms. From the unforgettable Taj Mahal to the awesome Himalayas; from the stillness of the Thar Desert to the rapidity of the Ganges, we arrange tours for individuals, couples and groups to suit all budgets & economy to deluxe.

Centre Tours and Travel began as a forum in which we can assist those planning a visit to India. We have been in the travel/tour industry in India for over 26 years and we hope to highlight travel tips, answer questions travellers may have and provide potential tours/arrangements.

Specialization Detail:

 Our travel/tour company, Centre Tours and Travel is a fourth generation family owned and operated travel company with branches in New Delhi, as well as satellite offices in Australia, and the UK. Over the past two decades, Centre Tours and Travel has become synonymous with excellence in experiencing India from Kashmir to Kerala.

Our team of experienced and dedicated field staff make Center Tours and Travel among the best in the business. We take pride in meeting your travel needs with a personal touch, not to mention professionalism. A glance at the testimonials on our website showcases many examples of how our service has not just met our clients expectations, but exceeded them.

Brief details about the services offered:

 Whether you wish to visit the heritage palaces of Rajasthan, enjoy Paradise on Earth of Kashmir, go shopping in cosmopolitan Mumbai, visit the monuments of Delhi, hang out on the the beaches of Goa, relax on the backwaters of South India and more, we can make your travel to India an unforgettable experience with a lifetime of memories to take home with you.


Contact Details:

Name of the Company: CENTRE TOUR & TRAVELS.

Contact Person: 011-41523450, 41523451

Designation: MR. BASHIR KARNAI



State: DELHI

Pincode: 110001

Email: cttdelhi@yahoo.co.in

Phone: 0091- 4152350 / 41523451

Mobile: 0091 - 981 125 9087

Fax: 0091 - 11 - 233 23979

Website: www.centretoursandtravel.com

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