To All Members
Dear Friends,
Subject: 32nd IATO Annual Convention, 18-21 September 2016 and special fare on Air India
1. Registration for the convention:-  This is to remind you all who have not registered so far for the 32nd IATO Convention being held in Chennai from 18- 21 September 2016 to kindly register immediately. Kindly note that last date for registration has been extended and no late fee will be charged for registration. Rregister online
Online registration will remain open till 13th September 2016 and thereafter, members can do spot registration  on 18th September 2016 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.
2. Special Fare on Air India:-  IATO has negotiated special fares on certain sectors with Air India for travel to Chennai and back from various cities to attend the 32nd IATO Annual Convention as per following:-
·  Delhi/Chennai/Delhi,  Mumbai/Chennai/Mumbai, Kolkata/Chennai/Kolkata  - Rs. 8500
·  Hyderabad/Chennai/Hyderabad, Bangalore/Chennai/Bangalore  - Rs. 7200
Those who want to utilize these air seats should send an e-mail to Ms. Sakshi Mehra at e-mail ID (Mobile No. 9811093134).  She will then issue a letter in favour of Air India which has to be carried in original to the Air India ticketing office in your city for the issuance of the air tickets against cash payment. In this connection please note the following:- 
1) These air seats will be available on First come First basis.
2) Once issued these tickets will be available only for the flight mentioned and cannot be changed/ cancelled.
3) To enable us issue the letter for the air tickets, please forward the following information of the delegates:-
Registration number : _______________________
· Full name of delegate as mentioned on a photo ID proof:  _______________________
Name of spouse  as mentioned   on a  photo ID proof: ____________________
Sector: From _______________ To Chennai 
Flight number : ______________
Timings : ___________________
Date: ______________________
Sector                               : From Chennai To ___________
Flight number                  : ____________
Timings                            : ______________
Date                                 : ______________
Mobile number                : ______________
Once the above information is sent, the letter for the air tickets in favour of Air India would be sent to the respective delegate office by courier. Members in Delhi can collect the letter by hand.  
5)  These fares are applicable for travel between 17th September to 25th September 2016
6)   For any further clarification please contact IATO office or speak with Mr. Rajiv Mehra  Mobile No. 9811063134 .
With best wishes,
Rajeev Kohli                          Rajiv Mehra,
Convention Chairman          Co-Chairman Convention