15th November 2016
To All Members, 
Dear Colleagues, 
Sub: Acceptance of Old currency bank notes at ASI monuments 
This is further to our email sent yesterday informing you about extending the date for accepting old currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 till 24th November 2016. Since there was nothing in writing, ASI refused to accept the old bank currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. 
We approached the Hon’ble Minister for Tourism and Culture and senior officials in the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture and ASI to issue necessary directives/orders so that entrance fee at the ASI monuments can be paid with old currency notes.
Accordingly, a notification and press release has been issued by the Ministry of Finance yesterday and it is clearly mentioned in para 16 of Press Release the following:- 
“The existing exemptions for acceptance of old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes for certain types of transactions are being extended beyond 14th November 2016 midnight up to 24th November 2016 mid night”. 
Following notifications/Press Relaase are enclosed:- 
• Notification no. 3448(E) dated 14th November  2016
• Press Release dated 14th November 2016 
• Notification no. 3416 (E) dated 9th November 2016
• Notification no. 3408 (E ) dated 8th November 2016
According to above notification/press release, old bank will be accepted at all ASI monuments, petrol pumps etc. till 24th November 2016. Kindly keep copy of notifications with you and show this in case required at any ASI monuments.   
There are certain other important announcements made and clarifications given in the enclosed Press Release dated 14th November 2016
• Members can withdraw from the operational current account of your company up to Rs. 50000/- per week. 
• There will be a separate queue for bank account holders 
• Withdrawal of up to Rs. 24000/- from individual account per week (in single or multiple withdrawal) can be withdrawn
Members can accordingly act to run their business. 
With best regards,
Pronab Sarkar