19th November 2016 
To, All Member,
Dear Colleagues, 
Sub: Regarding Entry of Regional and State Level Guides at Fatehpur Sikri for Guiding
As you are aware, that entry of Regional Level Guides and State Level Guides was restricted for Guiding at Fatehpur Sikri and only local guide of Fatehpur Sikri were being allowed to do guiding at Fatehpur Sikri. This was causing financial burden on our members as they had to pay guide fee to their Regional/State Level Guide and the local guide. This was due to the misinterpretation by some ASI officers at Fatehpur Sikri. IATO went to Cultural Ministry and also Tourism Ministry for clarification including ASI DG. Since the reference was made to the Supreme Court orders, no one was able to clarify the judgment. We were advised to approach Supreme Court of India to seek clarification in the matter.
Accordingly, IATO filed a writ in the Hon’ble Supreme Court to seek clarification in the matter. 
You will be pleased to know that the Hon'ble Supreme Court has finally disposed off the matter by clarifying that all the guides who have licence issued by ASI and Additional Director General, Tourism are valid and have the liberty to enter all the Centrally Protected Monuments including Fatehpur Sikri, till fresh licences are issued under the new Policy.
This is for your information. A copy of the order shall be received soon.                                                                                                                    
With best regards, 
Pronab Sarkar