31st August 2019

To All Members

Dear Friends,

Sub: An Update pertaining to POW : Inspection Report of IATO Railway Committee

Hereunder is an Update & Report of the IATO Delegation, after it’s long Meeting on 29 Aug 2019 in Jaipur with the Key Team of RTDC Jaipur.

You are aware that IATO has been putting continuous efforts in the past as well in its mission drive to resolve the industry related Issues with not only the Railway Board but with Various Corporations as well who promote the Luxury Trains. In Our committed mission drive, one such initiative, of meeting was arranged in Jaipur, with Interactive participation & long brain-storming Discussions from 1100-1300 hrs, followed by the physical inspection at Dahar-Ka-Balaji Railway Station in Kartarpur, Jaipur from 1330-1600 hrs of the Palace-On-Wheels Train, which currently  is undergoing last leg of its remaining work as part of their renovations, prior to it being launched this season starting with first POW departure ex Delhi on 04 Sep 2019.


Following were the Participants :


RTDC Jaipur ( Represented by) :


a)      Dr. Kunj Bihari Pandya ( IAS) – Managing Director

b)      Mr. Manish Goyal – Executive Director

c)      Mr. Aditya Dev Kavia – Chief General Manager ( Finance)

d)      Mr. Pradeep Bohra – General Manager ( POW)

e)      Mr. Jitendra Joshi – Executive Engineer ( Works)

f)       Mr. Shiv Ram – Manager ( POW)

g)      Contingent Comprising of Superintendent Engineer, Interior Decorator, Chef with Team , Service Staff with Turbans who were immaculately Clad in Uniform in their Traditional Rajasthani Uniform , who will Service the passengers of  “POW”  On-Board.

IATO Delegation

a)      Mr. Raj Bajaj – EC Member & EC Liaison ( Railways, Surface Transport, Cruise, Inland Waterways)

b)      Mr. Bhim Singh ji – Chairman , IATO Rajasthan Chapter

c)      Mr. Manish Saini – IATO Railway Committee & GSA of RTDC

d)      Mr. Dashmeet Singh – IATO Member & GSA of RTDC

e)      Mr. Arun Gupta  - IATO Member & GSA of RTDC

f)       Mr. Suresh Sirwani – IATO Member & Joint Secretary of RATO


Attached please find Synopsis of the Points which were discussed.

If you wish, you can Download high resolution images from the Below Link :



The Meeting was very  positive &  hopefully we will expect more improved product, since they have pumped in Rupees 75 Lakhs in Current Renovations & next year after they get Rupees 7.06 crore ( Already proposed  by the Centre to be allocated to RTDC for further mass scale improvement in POW), going forward from 2020 Season , we expect major improvisations to happen.

Best Regards,

Raj Bajaj

EC Member – IATO


EC Liaison – IATO Committee of Railways, Surface Transport, Cruise & Inland Waterways

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