21 June 2019 

Subject: Renew Oceans & IATO in Varanasi

Renew Oceans Foundation is a Not -For- Profit organisation working to reduce ocean plastic pollution where it begins - in populous, river adjacent communities in the developing world. Our first project is focusing on the area around the Ganges, specifically Varanasi. Our target is to divert 100,000 pounds of plastic from the river as well as low lying areas around the river from where plastics tend to enter the river during monsoons. A very important part of our project is to engage locals living around the Assi river as well as those who are visiting the city. We have been organising regular clean up drives along the banks of the Ganga and over the last 3 months we have been able to collect over 3000 kilograms of waste that would have otherwise gone straight into the river or would have been burnt. The waste being collected is being handed over to the municipal authorities for proper disposal. 

As per my discussion with Ravi from IATO, we think it would be a great opportunity for those visiting the city to volunteer with us for clean ups and give back to the city and the river. We can send out the event invites a few days before each event so that tour operators can schedule that in and offer it as an experience and activity to their guests. Apart from the clean ups, we also have documentary screenings and discussion gatherings at the ghats. 

Our next clean up is happening on 29th June. It will take place from 6am till 7am opposite Dashashwamedh Ghat. National Geographic will be coming to film this clean up and we are looking forward to many volunteers participating and sharing their experiences and thoughts on plastic pollution. Please find the event posters (in Hindi and English) for the 29th of June attached below. 

To see pictures/videos of our work and activities you can visit our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/renewoceans/?ref=bookmarks

Renew Oceans website: https://www.renewoceans.org

Look forward to connecting with IATO partners in Varanasi. 


Mallika Arya