21st June 2019

To All Members

Dear Members,

Subject:  Caution a notice regarding Sh. Shailesh Asthana of M/s Asia Travels and Tours.

This is a notice regarding Sh. Shailesh Asthana of M/s Asia Travels and Tours. IATO has received multiple complaints regarding Sh. Asthana’s commercial and business dealings. The gist of the complaints is that Sh. Asthana has entered into contracts with the complainants, however, after entering into such contracts, Mr. Asthana does not fulfil his end of the contract and, moreover, he collects the payment without rendering the service as promised as per agreed Terms & Conditions. This has been continuing for the past 2-3 years. IATO as an organization has taken note of the complaints and has attempted to resolve the issue by arranging a few meetings between the complainants and Sh. Asthana through its Grievance Committee, however, neither has any fruitful response been received, nor has any settlement been reached between the complainants and Sh. Asthana.

Keeping in view the situation and the Code of Ethics that every IATO member is bound to abide by, IATO is constrained to issue a general notice cautioning all members of IATO on entering into contracts with Sh. Asthana. It is advised that all members must undertake proper due diligence prior to entering into contracts or agreements with Sh. Asthana. This notice is being issued in the interest of all IATO members. 

This information is circulated to the members as per discussions and decision taken in the Active Members meeting held on 8th May 2019 at The Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi.

Thanking you,


Rajesh Mudgill

Hony. Secretary