DEL/285/2019/ALLM/06                   7th June 2019


All Members,

Sub: Caution Notice

Dear Friends,

It has been brought to our notice by some of our members that a person by the name of Mr. Kapil Nischal is approaching our members, giving reference of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, various other Ministries and dropping names of known politicians, which to the best of our knowledge, is not correct and his credential shall need to be established. While calling our members, he is asking for some donations for charity purpose.

We therefore, advise all our members to please fully satisfy yourself about the authenticity of the person and then take any decision of donating anything. This is just a precautionary notice to our esteemed members.

This is without any prejudice to any person.

With regards,

Rajesh Mudgill
Hony. Secretary