9th December 2016
To, All Members,
Sub: Regarding Restriction of number of Visa Assistance in Taipei
We were given to understand that Taipei Visa Agency in Taiwan i.e. India Taipei Association is accepting only 20 applications for visa per day and it is difficult to get visa for large groups. A clarification as received from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and India Taipei Association is placed below, which is self- explanatory. According to the clarification, there is no such restriction and any number of Visa can be applied. 
You may like to inform your FTOs in Taiwan accordingly. 
With regards, 
Pronab Sarkar

Enclosure – 1 
Ministry of Tourism
Government of India
TT Division
Dear Ms Bhanu Prakash,
I am extremely grateful to you for your prompt response and clarification that there is no such restriction on issue of number of visas for India.This will help clear growing misunderstanding within the travel industry. With your encouraging feed back and efforts of all concerned, I am sure we will have good tourist traffic from Taiwan. With increased number of flights between Taiwan and India the Industry is already looking forward to good inbound traffic from Taiwan.
I sincerely appreciate your quick resolve.
With regards
Neela Lad
Copy with thanks to Ms Bidisha Sengupta, AD, India Tourism Tokyo for taking up the issue on priority with ITA.
Enclosure - 2
Smt. Neela Lad
DDG – (OM)
Ministry of Tourism
Government of India
Copy to
Ms. Bidisha Sengupta
Asst. Director (East Asia)
India Tourism Tokyo
Refer your query below. ITA has been issuing 6 months multiple entry tourist visa to all applicants from Taiwan area to facilitate tourism. The visas are normally dispatched the very next day of application. Travelers from Taiwan area are also utilizing e-TV facility from Aug 2015.
ITA has NO, I repeat No limit on the number of visa applications accepted from a particular agent per day. 
You may kindly convey to interested agents that we look forward for more Tourists from Taiwan to visit India and are always prepared to facilitate all their queries and visas.
Thank you.
Banu Prakash
Deputy Director General
India Taipei Association