13th December 2016
To, All Members, 
Dear Colleagues, 
Sub: Air India Group Help Desks at Major Metros 
Placed below please find copy of an email received from Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Executive Director (Sales and Marketing), Air India   about addition of new destinations to Air India network, both international and domestic like Austria and Spain in Europe and Bathinda and Kanpur on domestic sector. 
Also Air India has set up Group Help Desks in major metro cities and their contact details are also given.  
Members are requested to support our national carrier in best possible manner.
With best regards, 
Lally Mathews
Hony. Secretary

From: pankaj.kumar@airindia.in [mailto:pankaj.kumar@airindia.in] 
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2016 7:03 PM
To: lalsmathews@yahoo.com
Cc: iato@airtelmail.in
Subject: Air India Group Help Desks at Major Metros
Dear Mr Mathews
Greetings from Air India!!
As you are aware, Air India is making waves by adding new destinations to its network, both international and domestic. If Austria and Spain have added to Air India’s European footprint in 2016, at home it is the tier two cities like Bathinda and Kanpur (operated by our subsidiary Alliance Air) that now swell Air India’s domestic connectivity. 
We strongly believe that the route expansion, fleet augmentation, competitive fares and aggressive marketing initiatives etc. can bear fruit for Air India, only when our trade and distribution partners express an equal commitment to support.
Air India is now aggressively pursuing the leisure segment and seeking group movements on its flights – outbound, inbound, and within India. We have taken many reformative steps in pricing and group booking procedures to facilitate our travel agent and tour operator partners.
We have formed Group Help Desks in major metro cities and their contact coordinates are given below for your information:
1. Delhi - Mr. Anup Mathur, 2460810 (O), 9811590532 (M), anup.mathur@airindia.in
2. Mumbai - Ms Neha Pedamkar, 22796701 (O), 9819796861 (M), ns.pedamkar@airindia.in
3. Kolkata - Mr. Sanat Ghosh, 22116951 (O), 9433046920 (M), sanat.ghosh@airindia.in
4. Chennai – Ms Raji Arunachalam, 23453317 (O), 9962424495 (M), groupcellsr@airindia.in
5. Bangalore – Ms Sunita Anand, 22978421 (O), 9448273684 (M), aigroups.blr@airindia.in
6. Hyderabad – Mr. G Lakshman, 23430321 (O), 9866178107 (M)), gopalswamy.lakshman@airindia.in
Air India now looks forward to your unstinted support and we are sure that we shall see more and more MICE and Leisure tours traffic being formalized on our flights.
I wish you very best in the festive period ahead and send my warm compliments of the season.
Best regards,
Pankaj Kumar
Executive Director (Sales & Marketing)
Air India