14th December 2016 
To, All Members, 
Dear Friends, 
Sub: ASI Monuments Entry Tickets Problems after 15th December, 2016 - Need your immediate intervention.
Today we had a detailed meeting with the Director General – Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on the issue of monument tickets. Unfortunately, we had very little positive solutions from them. At this stage our efforts are to ensure we have no short term disruption of our business. We then went to meet the Ministry of Tourism who were extremely supportive in every way to our needs and we have submitted the below action points to help us create a middle path in the short-term till electronic payment systems are introduced at all monuments.
This is for your information. 
Pronab Sarkar

14th December 2016
Dr. Mahesh Sharma
Hon’ble Minister for Tourism & Culture
Government of India
Transport Bhawan
New Delhi
Hon’ble Minister Sir, 
Sub: ASI Monuments Entry Tickets Problems after 15th December, 2016 - Need your immediate intervention.
As you may kindly be aware, old bank notes of Rs. 500 will be seized to be accepted at ASI Protected monuments from 15th December (midnight) 2016 and our members will be facing lot of difficulties thereafter as there are no solutions being provided by ASI to come out with alternative  for e-payments etc. for the entrance tickets at the monuments.   
In this regard, we had a meeting with Dr. Rakesh Tewari, Director General, Archaeological Survey of India today morning and took up this matter and made some suggestions for smooth functioning and visits of foreign tourists at ASI Monuments. However, no decision could be taken and meeting ended without any conclusion/solution to our problems.  If these emergent issues are not resolved by tomorrow, there will be lot of problems for the tour operators to send their foreign tourists to visit ASI monuments and they will really feel unhappy and will go back with sad memories of their sojourn to India. This will inter-alia give negative publicity to our country and will be loss to tourism business, which we don’t want.    
We, therefore need your urgent intervention on the following:-           
1.  In order to purchase bulk tickets of HIGH VALUE, greater amount is required to be paid across the counter, which is not possible due to demonetization.
2.  Swipe Machine installed at the monuments are not working and should be made operational immediately. Majority of the monuments have not installed Swipe Machines till date.  
3.  As per the Government of India, people are being encouraged to use electronic payments either through Credit/Debit Card or any other e-payment/online payment options. Hence we propose the alternatives as under:- 
  • At present the system installed for online payment by ASI for entry tickets is not working efficiently and this may be looked into system should work efficiently and faster.
  • To immediately include Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri for Online purchase of entry tickets, which is not available at present.  
  • Moon light ticket should also be available for purchase online
  • There should be option for Online purchase of multiple monuments tickets against one name/passport details for smooth functioning. 
  • Entry may be allowed from 1 to 25 persons, against the one name/passport details and there should not be any need to give passport details of all the group members, which is very time consuming and irritant to tourists.   
  • Advance ticket purchase may be allowed for Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India approved Tour Operators through Demand Draft/Pay Order at the respective monuments Entry Gate.
  • On the Spot ticket purchase be allowed by way of Demand Draft or Pay Order.   
  • All the tickets purchased by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India approved Tour Operators should be allowed to CANCEL/AMEND/REVALIDATE before 24 hours like train tickets. At present this is not being done and incase the group is cancelled, tour operators have to bear the loss. This is also negatively impacting tourism business.              
Sir, only with your kind invention, these problems can be resolved immediately and within time limit i.e. by 15th December 2016. 
With best regards, 
Pronab Sarkar
Mr. Vinod Zutshi, Secretary (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, New Delhi 
Mr. Narendra Kumar Sinha, Secretary (Culture), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, New Delhi
Mr. Ravinder, PS to Hon’ble Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt. of India, New Delhi
Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma, Additional Director General (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India
Mrs. Neela Lad, Dy. Director General (OM), Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, New Delhi