9th August 2018                                                   

To, All Members,

Sub: Increase in Monuments entry fee w.e.f. 1st August 2018

Dear Colleagues,  

You may be aware, Archaeological Survey of India has increased the monuments entry fee for ASI protected monuments with effect from 1st August 2018. A copy of the notification published on  1st August 2018 is enclosed.

The revised fee is as under:-

I.   For Citizen of India and visitors from SAARC, BIMSTEC countries

(A)  For Category A Monuments

For cashless payment – Rs. 35/-- per head

For Cash payment     -  Rs. 40 /- per head  

(B) For Category B Monuments

For cashless payment - Rs. 20/- per head

For Cash payment     -  Rs. 25/- per head  

II.  For foreign nationals (other than SAARC, BIMSTEC countries)

(A)  For Category “A” monuments  

For cashless payment – Rs. 550/- per head

For Cash payment     -  Rs. 600/- per head  

(B) For Category B monuments

For cashless payment - Rs. 250/- per head

For Cash payment     -  Rs. 300/- per head  

Just to apprise you, DG ASI vide Gazette Notification dated 21st December 2017 sought public objections/suggestions with regard to increase in the monument entry fee which was proposed to be increased effective from 1ST April 2018.

However, neither this notification was put on the ASI website nor we received it from ASI and half information was pasted on the entry gate of Red Fort, Delhi.

IATO had a meeting with Secretary Culture on 16th January 2018, where this issue was taken up and we requested Secretary (Culture) and DG ASI to send us the copy of the notification so that we  may go through the contents of the notification and submit our objections/suggestions.

On receipt of notification, IATO submitted its objection/suggestions on 29th  January 2018 and thereafter there was no increase made as was proposed w.e.f . 1st April 2018.


1) The 3 months’ notice period is a very short to implement and increase should be made from 1st October 2018. With 6 months advance notice.   

2) Rates for cash payment and cashless payment should be same and there should be no two rates.

3) Revision in rates should be fixed @ 5% on the prevailing rate each alternative year. Date of revising the rate should be fixed i.e. from 1st Oct.  Once this system is in place, estimated fixed increase will be incorporated by the tour operators in their quotation without any inconvenience to the groups even if ASI announces the increase 3 months in advance.

4) ASI to ensure smooth operation of online purchase of tickets with high bandwidth and swiping machines working seamlessly at all the monuments to ensure maximum cashless transactions. For the swipe machines, there should be backup in case one machine is not working due to network problem with alternative mobile operator/service provider at each monument. If there is any reason/fault in cashless transaction, then it should be same rate applicable for cashless payment even if payment is being made by cash. 

5) Payment by bank draft should be accepted.            

6) For purchase of ticket online, there should be no requirement of feeding names of the visitors as ticket is scanned during entry of tourists by showing valid ID proof thus records are automatically maintained. There is no such requirement if the ticket is purchased by cash on the spot.  

7) Digital tickets should be introduced for digital entry gates. 

8)Tour operators be allowed Advance Purchase of entry tickets in bulk by demand draft, which will not only ease tour operators business but will generate advance revenue for ASI. These tickets should be available at any ASI monuments for any monuments PAN India with validity of 6 months. 

9) It is observed that whenever there are any circulars/gazette notifications are issued by ASI, same are pasted only on the entry gates of the monuments. Neither these are available on ASI official website on time nor sent to IATO and other trade associations in the organized sector for their objections/suggestions.  It is requested that such circulars/gazette notifications should be given wide publicity by sending to IATO and other associations in the organized sector.      

However, all of sudden, notification has been issued by ASI on 1st August 2018 increasing the entry fee without consulting Ministry of Tourism, IATO or any other trade organization and notification has been placed on website on 6th August 2018.

The matter is being taken up with Director General ASI and Secretary Culture. We have already taken up with ADG (Tourism) expressing our concern.


With regards,

Rajesh Mudgill

Hony. Secretary


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