DEL/285/2018                                            4th August  2018

To, All Members,

Dear Friends,

Placed below please find information received from India Tourism Frankfurt, regarding important fairs in Benelux and Scandinavian countries in 2018. Members who are interested to participate may immediately forward their names directly to:-

Mr. Sanjiv Vashist
Assistant Director

Indisches Fremdenverkehrsamt

Baseler Str. 48

DE-60329 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49-69-24294915

Fax: +49-69-24294977

Email:  and copy to

With regards,


Rajiv Mehra

Vice President

From: [/src/compose.php?
Cc: Ajit Pal Singh <>


President/Vice President/Executive Director/Director


Subject: Participation fees for Fairs 2018/2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform the participation fees for the enlisted few fairs for the year 2018-19 in the areas under the jurisdiction of India Tourism Frankfurt. Information on rest of the fairs will be forwarded upon finalising the same. 

2. The details of the participation fees in the fairs is as under:

Sr Name of  the Fair & Venue Date

Space booked


Space per co exhibitor

Max  number of co-exhibitors in the stand

(Including Air India)

Fees proposed this year including bank charge of €25 & co exhibitor fee in €
1 Sarajevo Tourism Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina 24-26 October, 2018 24 4 sqm 3 NIL
2 TTR Bucharest, Romania 15-18 November, 2018 40 4 sqm 6 541.00
3 TT Warsaw 22-24 November, 2018 43.5 4 sqm 7 821.00
4 Ferienmesse, Vienna 10-13th January, 2019 50 4 sqm 8 781.00
5 CMT Stuttgart 12-20 January,2019 64 4 sqm 12 1034.59
6 IMTM Tel Aviv 12-13 February,2019 24 4sq mtr 4 1000.00
7 Reisen, Hamburg 06-10 February, 2019 55 4 sqm 8 666.00
8 Holiday World, Prague 21-24 February,2019 40 4 sqm 6 989.00

3.  The purpose of informing this information to all the trade associations is to get maximum and new co exhibitors in all the above fairs and to avoid individual mails/ correspondences as the interested participants may route their willingness through the respective organisations.

4. The preference shall be given on first come first serve basis and to new entries. All the associations are requested to inform their members that the confirmation of the participants is received one month in advance from the beginning of the Fair along with necessary participation fee .


Best regards,

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Sanjiv Vashist
Assistant Director

Indisches Fremdenverkehrsamt

Baseler Str. 48

DE-60329 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49-69-24294915

Fax: +49-69-24294977