285/ALLM/2018                                                                   29th June 2018

To, All Members (Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India)

Dear Members,

Sub: Incredible India Road Shows in a) Russia & Nordic Countries b) Australia & New Zealand

This is to inform that the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is organizing a series of Road Shows as per following schedule:

a)     Russia & Nordic countries

23rd July 2018 (Mon)          -           Roadshow in Moscow

24th July 2018 (Tues)          -           Roadshow in St. Petersburg

26th July 2018 (Thurs)         -           Roadshow in Helsinki

27th July 2018 (Fri)              -           Roadshow in Stockholm

b)     Australia & New Zealand

26th August  2018 (Sun)      -           Public Event in Sydney

27th August 2018 (Mon)      -           Roadshow in Sydney

28th August 2018 (Tue)       -           Roadshow in Melbourne

29th August 2018 (Wed)      -           Roadshow in Wellington

30th August 2018 (Thur)     -           Roadshow in Auckland

2.  IATO has been asked to recommend names to the Ministry for the Road Shows at the earliest. 

3.  The above dates are tentative and the file is currently under submission for approval of the Minister.

4.  There may be some change in cities in respect of Roadshows in Australia and New Zealand.

5.  Please note the following: -

 i)  All arrangements and expenses i.e. air ticket, hotels and local transport etc. will have to be made by the participating members directly at their own cost.

 ii)  Only one person from each company will be allowed to participate.

iii) Members are allowed to send any employee or sales representative. These trips are meant only for companies headquartered in India. IATO reserves the right to reject any application if it finds there is a conflict in purpose.

iv) Members who are recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and wish to participate in the above Road Shows, should forward their names along with a cheque of Rs. 20,000/- in favour of Indian Association of Tour Operators towards security deposit definitely by 7th July 2018 along with the following information:-

     a)  Name of the company

     b)  Name of the person (as in the passport) with Designation

     c)  Address, Telephone, Mobile, Email id, Website

     d)  Passport No.

     e)  Date of issue of passport

     f)   Place of issue of passport

    g)   Date of Expiry of passport

v)  No Refund will be made in case if participation is withdrawn after the name has been sent. However, cancellations due to force majeure in extreme cases may be considered by the EC. This is because for the Road shows in USA concluded recently, there were 5 cancellations and our Ministry has taken a very serious view of this.

If there is any restriction in numbers for participation from the Ministry, participation will be decided by draw of lot for which date will be intimated. 

With best regards,


Rajiv Mehra

Vice President


Note: As these are Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India sponsored Road Shows, members who are not recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India will not be allowed to attend as per directives of the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Hence they should not apply.