22nd June 2018 


All Members,

Sub: Caution Letter - International Fairs Directory - SCAM / FRAUD

Dear Colleagues,

Please see email received from one of our members which is self-explanatory.

Members are advised to be careful and do not fill any information or sign up online to avoid any legal complication later.

With regards,


Rajesh Mudgill

Hony. Secretary



Dear Mr. Kanjilal

We wish to bring to your notice, an ongoing scam run by an entity know as - International fairs directory. 


We have been receiving demand notices, asking for payment towards advertisements in fair directories which we have never signed up for. They have drawn up fake documents with registration forms, mock-up advertisements created by copying our name/address/ images from our website. 

We even received a called, claiming to be from International Business Convention Management Ltd. who has been engaged as legal advisor by International fairs directory, threatening us to make payments of thousands of dollars. 

Copies of the documents received from them by email/fax are attached. 

Please find below weblinks confirming the nature of fraud of these entities:-

1. http://australianevents.com.au/scam-warning-international-fairs-directory/

2. http://adbioresources.org/news/scam-warning

3. https://www.communicasia.com/files/SES-Exhibitor-Advisory.pdf

We thought of sharing this with you so that this information can be disseminated to other IATO members and to warn them against such frauds. 

Please let us know if anyone else has been caught in this scam and if we should take any action against such unscrupulous activities.

Thanks & Regards