22nd May 2018

To All Members,

Sub: Response from the Kerala Tourism Industry about the ‘NIPAH Virus’ attack.

Dear Friends,

It is seen that a blown-up fear and concern is being spread among the tourists and travelers to Kerala from other states in the country and Overseas. It is seen that some sources have issued advisories to the people alerting them not to travel to Kerala. They are projecting the ‘Nipah Virus’ attack in Kerala as a major epidemic that is dangerous to the visitors. Important tourism originating states for Kerala are being influenced by the fear, and that could eventually affect our Tourism Industry.  The fear, to a great extend is baseless.

It is a fact that there was an outbreak of ‘ Nipah Virus’ transmitted from fruit bats at certain place in Kerala. The health Ministry of Kerala and all related authorities have taken the best precaution to contain this situation and now this is seen being under control.

The Confederation of Kerala Tourism Industry (CKTI) wishes to convey to all in the Tourism Industry within and outside the country that the concern is now projected larger than the reality. All the tourist locations and the state in general are safe as usual for holiday activities. The Tourism Industry partners in the state are more vigilant and equipped to provide a hassle-free holiday to the visiting travelers.  The airports, railway stations, hotels and places of visit all are following the right protocols and are free of problems as usual. For Tourism the destination is as normal as usual. The Tourism Industry will keep you updated about the positive development of the issue. Till then, go ahead with your planning your holiday in Kerala.

Mr. E.M. Najeeb, President Confederation of Kerala Tourism Industry said that the Private Sector Tourism Industry in Kerala, and the Government are hand in hand doing their best to protect the industry.

With regards,


Rajesh Mudgill

Hony. Secretary