9th January 2017
To, All IATO Members,
Dear colleagues,
Sub: Reminder - Celebration of IATO Annual Day on Sunday, the 22nd January 2017 
IATO Annual Day is being celebrated on Sunday, the 22nd January 2017 at Heritage Transport Museum, Bilaspur - Taoru Road (Major District Road 132) Off NH 8 (Bilaspur Chowk), Taoru, Gurgaon (Haryana) 122105.
For more details about the venue kindly visit website:
This would be day picnic with family and from each organization and ONE COPUPLE WITH TWO CHILDREN are invited. Various activities will be organized during the event like:-     
• House & Camel cart rides
• Painting a real Mercedes Car
• Massive Snakes & ladder (10 feet by 10 feet)
• Tyre Races
• Sack Races
• Kite Flying for families
• Trampoline for young kids
• Hop Scotch
• Pottery
• Mask Making
• Tug of War
• Ring the Bottle
• Painting Competition
• Face Painting
Programme is as under:-
0845 hrs - Members to Report at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi 
0900 hrs - Departure of coaches from The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi
1100 hrs – Reception of members and the guests. Tea Coffee
1130 hrs – Visit to museum. View the film “Journey to Space”  
1230 hrs - Games and other activities
1400 hrs - Lunch
1500 hrs - Games and other Activities  
1600 hrs - Tea/Coffee/Snacks
1630 hrs - Departure of coaches for The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi 
There would be many more activities besides the above and Giveaways to the winners.
As mentioned above invitation is only for one Family (for One couple and two children) from each organization and shall be open to all eligible members based on their updated membership subscription.
While one invitation card would be given to each company complimentary, for additional invitation card following would be charged to offset the expenses and the same can be collected from IATO office on payment by cash/cheque. 
• One  person – Rs. 2500/-
• One Family (one couple plus  two children) Rs. 5000/-
Members who wish to attend the event are requested to confirm their participation (on definite basis) and submit the information on the Performa placed below so that we can plan our activities and make logistical arrangements accordingly.  
Entry to the venue would be strictly by the invitation cards. Members who wish to join the event should arrange to collect their Invitation Card BY HAND from IATO office which will be available from 12th January 2017. Please send your person to collect the card along with the authorization letter on your company letter head duly signed by the authorized signatory of the company.
Also please note that IATO has arranged three coaches for the members which will depart from The Ashok Hotel at 0900 hrs and will depart for Heritage Transport Museum, Taoru, The coaches will depart for return to The Ashok Hotel from Heritage Transport Museum at 1630 hrs.  This would be on FIRST CUM FIRST SERVE BASIS. Members who wish to avail this facility should confirm to IATO office, kindly fill up the enclosed Performa and send to IATO office by 12th January 2016 at email id operations@iato.in and copy to iato.circulars@gmail.com
Participants who wish to reach by car are requested to reach the venue by 1100 hrs
Also we shall be making arrangements of lunch for the drivers of the members who are coming by car. Please give us this information also in the prescribed Performa so that lunch could be arranged.  Driver’s lunch coupon need to be collected along with your invitation card.
Cancellation Policy
• To the members who once confirm their participation and collect their invitation cards, we request, there should not be any NO SHOWS.  However, in case if any of our  members is/are  unable to participate due to any unforeseen reason(s) after sending their confirmation and collecting their invitation card,  they must inform the IATO office latest by 18  January 2017 to avoid wastage of food and save cost.
• Above cancellation policy is for the paid invitations also and there would be no refund of payment made for the cancellations received after 18th January 2017. 
If you need any further information, please feel free to contact IATO Secretariat.
Thanking you,
Pronab Sarkar                                             Rajiv Mehra                    
President                                                    Vice President 

Confirmation for IATO Annual Day on Sunday, 22nd January 2017 at 1030 onwards at Heritage Transport Museum, Taoru, Gurgaon 
(Kindly send this Performa to IATO office by email and BY HAND on your letter head duly signed by the authorized person of your company to collect the invitation card.
1. Name of the Company __________________________________________
2. Total No. of Family members including self ________ 
• Adults Name 
i) __________________________________  
ii) __________________________________
• Children’ name with age
i)   __________________________________ 
ii)  __________________________________
3. Will use IATO Coach from Ashok Hotel, please mention (Yes or No) ______
4. Will travel by own car  -  With Driver or self-driven ______________________ 
5. Email id:_____________________________
6. Mobile no.: ___________________________
Name ____________
(Authorized Signature)