10th January 2017 
To, All Members, (Recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India) 
Dear Friends, 
Subject: Participation in "India Tourism Promotion & Investment" events in Rome and Verona (Italy) 
Attached please find a copy of letter received from Ambassador of India in Italy regarding India Tourism Promotion and Investment events in Rome and Verona (Italy) on 28th February and 01st March 2017 and tentative programme for both the places. 
Members who are interested may kindly confirm their participation to IATO office by 20th January 2017 with the following information:- 
• Name of the person
• Name of the company
• Mobile number
• Email id 
• Passport number
• Place of issue of passport
• Date of issuance of passport
• Date of expiry of passport 
Accordingly we shall write to Embassy/Indiatourism Italy for Visa Assistance letter. 
With best regards,  
Gour Kanjilal
Executive Director