24th January 2018
All Members,
Dear Colleagues,
Sub: Advisory on Fake Indian e-Visa Portals
Ministry of Home Affairs is receiving multiple complaints from people who have either been cheated or who have compromised their personal information due to use of fake e-Visa portals.
An advisory has been issued by the Ministry of Tourism that “Government of India does not appoint any authorized agents to apply for e-Visa on behalf of any applicant. Do not fall prey to such fake e-Visa portals claiming to provide Express e-Visa services by charging a hefty amount for the same”.
A copy of letter/advisory received from Ministry of Tourism dated 8th January 2018 is attached.
The official website of Government of India for e-Visa and related Visa Services is www.indianvisaonline.gov.in
Please advise all your counterparts abroad to apply for e-Visa only on Government of India website and do not
get confused with fake portals.
This may please be given wide publicity to avoid your clients being cheated. Also all our members are requested to put this advisory on your website.
With regard,
Pronab Sarkar
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