18th January 2018
To All Members
Sub: Tourism recommendation to GST Council by Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
Dear Friends,
Attached please find Extract of the “Strategy Paper for Services Sector of India” which has been prepared by Economic Affairs Department of Ministry of Finance with their recommendations to GST Council.
All our recommendations made on GST including “Treating foreign exchange earning of tour operators at par with exporters as Deemed Export”, which we have made to Hon’ble Finance Minister, Hon’ble Commerce Minister and GST Council along with recommendations from Ministry of Tourism, have been included in the Strategy Paper by the Economic Affairs Department.
There is a meeting of GST Council today and we hope all our recommendations will be accepted based on its merit.
In the attached documents, please see mention of tourism and the recommendations to GST Council tourism services.
Thanking you and with best regards,
Pronab Sarkar
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