17th January 2018
All Members,
Dear Colleagues,
Sub: Regarding Restoration Work at Taj Mahal
It came to our notice that a popular US based Travel guide has mentioned Taj Mahal in the annual list of places “not to visit” and the reason given was mud packing of Taj Mahal.
This was immediately brought to the notice of Hon’ble Tourism Minister and Hon’ble Culture Minister and some suggestions were made to counter this negative publicity.
We have received a reply from the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism updating us with the restoration work schedule of Taj Mahal. A copy of letter dated 15th January 2018 received from the Ministry is attached.
You may inform your overseas operators and clients that “Restoration of monuments is an ongoing process and essential for preservation of ancient heritage and it is worldwide practice.
The work at the Taj Mahal is being undertaken in phases to ensure that the visitor experience is compromised to the least possible extent. However restoration work should not in any way deter tourists from visiting the monument”.
This may be given a top priority by informing your overseas counterparts for continued business operations.
Thanking you and with best regards,
Pronab Sarkar
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