18th January 2017
All Members joining IATO Annual Day on 22nd January 2017
Sub: Very Important information - Members joining IATO Annual Day on 22nd January 2017
Dear Friends, 
Thanks for your acceptance for joining us the IATO Annual Day on 22nd January 2017 at Herigate Transport Museum Taoru, Gurgaon. While we look forward to welcome you at the venue, may I request you to kindly note the following:-
1. Althoguh we have provided the map and also most of you have the google map available. But we would like to inform that while driving from Delhi towards the Heritage Transport Museum, after crossing Manesar and driving for couple of miles, on the National Highway 8, on the right side is Hotel Park Inn by Radisson. This is huge building and visible from distance. After you cross the hotel, drive for 500 meters and you will reach Bilaspur Chowk. From here you have to take Left Turn for road going to Taoru (Bilaspur-Taoru Road). Drive about 8 kms on this road and the venue will be on your left side. For information about the venue please visit website www.heritagetransportmuseum.org
2. In case anyone find any difficulty they could speak to the manager of the museum and mobile number is 9991477002,  9991487002.
3. Please ensure to carry your invitation card as entry is strictly against by Invitation card only. On production of the Invitation card, each member and accompanying spouse and Children will be given a separate colour coded serial numbered wrist band at the entry gate, which is very important for entry especially into the transport museum. 
4. A few of members who have confirmed but have still not collected their invitation card. Kindly arrange to collect the same ASAP.  
5. In the transport museum, they have a very good collection of vintage cars and the museum management has requested for a support to ensure that no one touches those vehicles. 
6. For the members who are coming by own car should reach the venue by 1100 hours 
7. Members who are coming with their driver,  please inform their driver that:-  
A) Tea would be provided to them on arrival and before departure in the parking of the museum. 
B) Lunch for the drivers will be served at Choudhary Dhaba, which is just opposite to the museum. Lunch would be served to the drivers from 1330 hrs by producing the driver coupon, which has to be handed over to the dhaba owner. (Drivers coupon is attached with your invitation card, please hand over this coupon to your driver)  
8. For those who have opted to travel by IATO coach from the Ashok Hotel, they should reach The Ashok Hotel by 0845 hrs.  Coaches will depart at 0900 hrs sharp to reach venue by 1100 hrs. Mr. Dinesh Gupta, Manager IATO – 9871162668 and Mr. Mahesh Gupta - 9015344570 and other IATO staff  will be there to assist you. 
9. There will be two en-route  boarding points for the IATO COACH,  i.e. One at Radisson Blue, Mahipalpur, New Delhi  at 0930 hours and another at Swagath Hotel, Sector 29 Market, near Leisure Valley Park, Gurgaon at 0945 hrs. There is ample parking space at Sector 29 Market, Gurgaon. 
10. Those who desire to board from these baroding points must inform the IATO office by Friday, the 20th January 2017 by 12 noon. 
Looking forward to welcoming you all at the Venue. 
With best regards, 
Rajiv Mehra
Vice President