To All Members
Dear Colleagues,
Sub:- Levy of GST on Services of Tour Operators and Air Travel Agents from 01.07.2017
As you are well aware, the Govt. has rolled out Goods & Services Tax (GST) w.e.f. 01.07.2017 on goods and services across the board including Services of Tour Operators, Air Travel Agents, Hotels, Restaurants, Transporters, Airlines and other related services.
Since significant changes have been made in the tax structure of Tour Operators and Air Travel Agents and also procedural changes / legal requirements of GST Laws, we are explaining the significant changes for the benefit of our colleagues as enclosed.
Note:- This as per rule specified as on date and in case of any change in the rule or any clarification from the Finance Ministry, shall keep you informed.
With regards,
Pronab Sarkar
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