31st July, 2017
To All Members,
Sub: IATO This Fortnight - 17th to 29th July, 2017
  • IATO is preparing to put up a big show this year in its 33rd Annual Convention in Bhubaneswar from 7th-10th September, 2017. A tentative programme has been drawn up, connecting members, updating on current industry topics and GST concerns will be focused in business sessions. The details about speakers etc are being worked out. The EC meeting held on 22nd July, 2017 reviewed all aspects of the convention. Members can give their suggestions about speakers, about subjects to be included in business sessions or any matter which can serve the interest of members. Convention Core Committee went to Bhubaneswar to invite the Hon’ble Governor, Chief Minister of Odisha, Tourism Minister of Odisha for the convention. Committee also met the members in Odisha to get their support for the convention and other suppliers. Shri Ashok Chandra Panda, Hon’ble Tourism Minister has also been invited for the IATO Interactive Meeting on 2nd August 2017 at Eros Hotel Nehru Place to announce the convention and invite the members personally for the convention. Hon’ble Minister has very kindly given his consent to join us for the interactive meeting on 2nd August 2017.
  • GST concerns took priority of IATO activities. GST is really impacting in many ways to fast moving tourism industry. Members concerns are growing every day. Looking into members sentiments, IATO organized special session on 21st July, 2017 at The Park Hotel New Delhi where we had invited some professionals/CAs and GST specialized Advocates to get their inputs. This was very exclusive brain storming session to get experts interpretation on GST Laws (as there are regular updates on GST notifications). Purpose was to get comprehensive view on applicability of GST laws on tourism business operations. Though in each meeting, there is something new comes up, the efforts of IATO to get to the intricacies of GST has been well appreciated by members. It took about 2 months to have understanding of GST and its requirements, responsibilities, applicability, ITC Claims, security and ground realities and IATO efforts continues. A circular with all the detail guidelines on billing procedure shall follow soon. Detailed clarifications from the experts are awaited and as soon as we receive the same, we shall share the same with you all. Also IATO is going to make a representation with the Government through M/s. Ernst & Young especially on cascading effect of GST on Tour Operators.
  • IATO representatives were present in 9 major meetings in the Ministry of Tourism related to:-
           1. GST concerns meeting called by Secretary Tourism and get feedback of all the stake holders.
           2.  Ministry’s providing sponsorship for the events organized by ASSOCHAM and FICCI focusing on medical and
                Wellness Tourism in Septembers/October respectively Chaired by Secretary Tourism.
           3. Guide related issues meeting Chaired by Secretary Tourism where officials of ASI were also present.(The main discussion
             was on Amendments on New Guide Policy for ASI monuments and to submit the note of joint discussion of Ministry
            of Tourism and ASI with inputs from IATO to Hon’ble Delhi High Court August 2017) as per the court directives.
              A detailed note from the President shall follow.
           4.  Global media, print, digital & electronic campaigns and selection of media etc.
           5.  Ministry’s new Web Portal to be launched on 27th September “World Tourism Day” by Hon’ble Prime Minister of
           6.  National Tourism Award scrutiny of proposals for Best Film, Best Social Media, Best promotional literature,
                books etc.
           7.  Ministry of Tourism sponsoring event Bhojpuri “Film Festival” in London in July, 2017.
           8.  Global Marketing Campaign Phase II in new markets (Electronic, print and digital)
           9.  Domestic Marketing Campaign (Adhoc Media)
With best regards,
Gour Kanjilal
Executive Director