22nd May 2017
Dear Friends
Subject: Block the Dates for 33rd IATO Annual Convention, 7 – 10 September, Bhubaneswar
We are delighted to announce that on invitation from Shri Ashok Chandra Panda, Hon’ble Tourism Minister of Odisha, personally during our 32nd Annual Convention in Chennai, IATO has decided to hold its 33rd IATO Annual Convention in Bhubaneswar. The convention dates are from 7 -10 September 2017 and the venue of the convention will be Mayfair Convention Centre, Bhubaneswar.
Our last convention in Bhubaneswar was held long back in 2008 and since then, a lot has changed in Odisha. Therefore, it will be an opportunity for the members to update themselves with new tourism products. Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Shri Ashok Chandra Panda and the Odisha Tourism officials have assured their full support in making this convention a memorable event.
Our members and hotels in Odisha are also very much excited and would welcome the delegates with warmth hospitality.
Members are requested to kindly mark these dates i.e. 7 -10 September 2017 in your diary and attend in large numbers. This information is being given much in advance so that members can plan their schedule accordingly.
More details will follow in due course including post-convention tours etc. Please stay engaged with us. Also please send us your suggestions on the theme and the contents of business sessions.
Very Best Regards
Pronab Sarkar                                Rajiv Mehra
President                                         Vice President