8th May, 2017
To, All Members,
Dear Members,
Sub: IATO – Updates this week – 1st to 6th May, 2017
This is to update you on IATO activities this week, which are as under:
1. On the revised guide policy as announced by DG (ASI), IATO is going to file a writ petition in the Delhi High Court by taking Sr. Advocate services. The writ has already been prepared and vetted by IATO.
2. MDA pending cases were discussed in the Ministry. As there is no Secretary (Tourism) (Regular) and also the Financial Advisor was transferred and the demands for Grants for Financial Year 2017-18 were only passed recently in the Parliament, all cases examined by OM Division remained pending. With Budget Head received for 2017-18, now files have been submitted for Integrated Finance Division of MoT’s concurrence. It is expected that by Mid-May cases for settlement will commence. Will keep you update once it happens. Delay is mainly due to bureaucratic procedures.
3. IATO newsletter – 3rd Edition will be out soon. Thanks to members who all gave valuable inputs. Purpose is to make the Newsletter full of member centric information and updates. We will appreciate your feedback/inputs and sharing your of experience with members.
4. EC members attended ten meetings in the Ministry about global campaign, Tourism Events, MDA pending bills, guide issues, Niche Tourism etc.
5. EC members joined as experts in the smart city meet organized by Commissioner Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and gave valuable inputs.
6. President, IATO joined Global Exhibition on services inaugural team at Greater Noida Expo Centre on 17th April, 2017.
7. Some IATO training programme were held in April 2017. More IATO training programme are being finalized especially on GST, Taxation and use of Social Media for business purpose. Any suggestions on selection of special topics of industry interest may be informed to IATO.
8. We have requested India Tourism Offices Overseas to share consolidated list of travel trade exhibitions in 2017-18 where they are participating. As this year budget has not yet been informed as also approval of the plan for participation in exhibitions etc. is not yet received from the Ministry, Indiatourism offices overseas could not finalize the plan till date. They will send us the details, once these are finalized.
9. IATO plan from IATO Convention in September 2017 is moving smoothly & soon would be announcing more details. Please block the dates 7th-10th September, 2017 for IATO convention.
10. IATO Active members meeting was held on 3rd May, 2017 wherein members took active part and gave their valuable inputs/suggestions. Members also discussed various issues of mutual interest. Record note of discussions will follow soon.
With regards, 
Gour Kanjilal
Executive Director