DEL/285/ALLM/2014                               30th June 2014


To All Members,

Dear Colleagues,

A meeting was called by Mr. K.L. Pandey, Additional Member (Tourism & Catering), Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India on 27th June 2014 at Rail Bhawan to discuss about promotion of Rail Tourism and to have members feedback. Representatives from TAAI, ADTOI and FAITH were also present in the meeting. 

On behalf of IATO, we very strongly took up the issue of Renewal of Licenses for our members to work as Rail Tourist Agents (RTAs), which has been discontinued recently. On this Mr. K.L. Pandey, Additional Member (Tourism & Catering) mentioned that this is the decision of the Supreme Court. However, he assured that Railway shall look into this and whatever best is possible,  they will do. 

However, Mr. Pandey expressed keenness for the railways to work with IATO members jointly and sought IATO’s support on the following:-

·         To identify new tourist circuits

·         Work out joint packages

·         Leasing of entire trains for specific period

·         Hiring of coaches for limited period of time

If any of our members are interested for leasing of trains or want to hire coach for limited period may send their names to IATO office as soon as possible with a copy to Mr. Raj Bajaj, Convener Railway Committee on email:

Followed by meeting with Mr. Pandey, we had another meeting with Member Secretary, Railway Board, where Mrs. A.K. Brar, Director (T&M), IRCTC was also present. During this meeting we took up all our pending issues and the problems being faced by the members like:- 

·         Group booking for foreign tourists

·         IRCTC website not working properly and response is very slow

·         Allotment of seats together (in the same coach) to all members in a group

·         Adding extra berths/coaches to popular tourist trains

·         Special Advance booking for foreign tourists

·         Special bogie for the foreign tourists etc.

We also told him that IATO members are willing to join hands with IRCTC in jointly promoting Railway Tourism all over the world

This is for your information.

Thanking you,

Subhash Goyal