6th October 2015 
To, All Members, 
Sub: Regarding Revision in Guide Fee  
Dear Colleagues, 
Greetings from IATO !
This is just to keep you all abreast with the position related to Guide affairs.
As you are aware, we received a request from TGFI for increase in guide fee @ 40% increase w.e.f. 1st I October 2015. However, members inputs were sought and majority of the members were not in favour of any increase this year. Accordingly it was conveyed to TGFI that due to economic downturn and business going down in the organized sector, it will not be possible to consider any increase immediately and this would be considered once there is recovery is seen in the business.
TGFI approached the Ministry and a meeting was called by the Additional Director General (MR), Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India on 24th September 2015, wherein both IATO and TGFI put forward their views in the matter. TGFI wanted nothing less 40 % increase. However, we agreed for 10% increase on the existing guide fee w.e.f. 1st October 2015 to maintain cordial relations in the industry and as per the last agreement made in 2013. The same was conveyed to TGFI on 30th September 2015. But, TGFI has not agreed to it and preferred to put black band on arms protesting our proposal but continued with the assignments in Delhi. 
However, in Mumbai, position is different and a bit disturbing. TOGA (Tourist Guide Association in Mumbai) is asking for 100 – 150  % increase in the guide fee and members who do not agree to pay the revised rates, Guides in Mumbai refused the assignments. They have expressed that they do not recognize TGFI and  will not follow the IATO/TGFI guide rates.  We have been informed by some of our members that some of the guides who were given the assignments have not reported for duty without prior intimation and our members have been put into very awkward position. Just for your information TOGA is not a recognized association with MOT hence they are supposed to abide by TGFI decision only.
We have accordingly advised our members in Mumbai to arrange to send their own office staff/executive to accompany the groups to tide over this disturbing situation. 
We have also requested Ministry of Tourism New Delhi to get us the permission from ASI not to trouble our staff accompanying with tourists while visiting Elephanta Caves.
We are seized with the matter and trying to settle the matter through the intervention of our Ministry to the best interest of our members and also the guides. 
Shall keep you update in the matter.
With best regards, 
Pronab Sarkar
Hony. Secretary