Subject:  Day 3 of the “a Message a Day”
13th January 2016 
To All Members, 
Dear Members:
Today is Day 3 of the “a Message a Day” campaign. Details for the process are restated below. Today you need to send your 3rd message to our PM. Please share this initiative with your staff, your suppliers and other partners & friends in the industry. We need to create a volume in our responses. 
Today’s topic for your message is – Wednesday Jan 13 2016 – “Employment in the industry” 
This is most certainly be an issue of concern to all of us. We have always stated that tourism is one of the largest employers in the country. Unlike software which employs only certain segment of society, the tourism industry goes across all economic and social strata. No other industry in India can march the potential of the tourism industry. 
However, as business has reduced, so has the need for so many people. We have members who are seriously talking about retrenchment. Salary hikes seem to be a certain impossibility. The lack of growth in tourism will impact not only owners, but each and every person who works in our industry.  The government needs to understand that tourism is not elitist and affects the very grassu569452147_admins people they wish to protect.
Please send your opinion on the matter to Mr. Modi and his team.
The response from all of you has been fabulous. But sending us notes of congratulations is not enough. You need to write and get your staff, your partners, your suppliers to do so as well. 
We now have a meeting with the Minister with our active members on Thursday, but that is not enough. We must highlight the issues of the inbound tourism industry at the highest level of government and get a fair hearing for our industry. 
• To write to Prime Minister Modi, please go to 
• Select “Write to the Prime Minister”
• In the field of Grievance Category, please select “Other Central Government Related”
• If you want, you can in addition write to the below powerful ministers- 
• Nirmala Sitharaman – Minister of Commerce & Industry -
• Arun Jaitely, Minister of Finance – 
• Rajnath Singh, Home Minister -  
We will also be taking this messaging to the mainstream media. We want to spread the news that we are desperate and we need immediate action on the ground otherwise the clock would have ticked too far to be turned back for some of us. If you have any contacts in the media, please share the information with them and connect them to us. We can give them a full brief on our campaign. 
Every mail must end with the following “Sir, the inbound tourism industry of India needs an appointment with you. Tourism is your passion and we need help before it is too late!”
Please reach out to your IATO office bearers if you have any questions or additional thoughts. We need to be together as one voice to win this battle.
If you need complete details please refer our circular of 9th January, 2016.
Gour Kanjilal
Executive Director