DEL/285/2016                        8th February, 2016 
To, All IATO Members, 
“Urgent Inputs Required – Road Shows 2016-17”
Dear Members:
As you know our experience with the 2015-16 road shows trips was very mixed. Some did well, but a majority saw very tepid response. In some cases we had to cancel the road shows, especially where the response from the members was very poor.  
We now need to send our proposal to the Ministry for the 2016 -17, with list of destinations, we are asking for your feedback.  Your input is needed on – 
• Which countries and cities would you want us to visit ? (please state the cities as well)
• Please also give months of the year appropriate for the countries which you know well. 
In the coming season, all road-shows will have a small reserved allocation for hotels, airlines, trains etc as we need to bring in some diversity into the mix of the trips. Road shows of only Tour Operators are harder to sell in the markets we go to and a more balanced delegation is a win-win for us.  
Participation on the road shows is only open to companies recognised by the Ministry of Tourism. 
Please send in your thought urgently. 
With best regards,
Rajeev Kohli
Vice President