6th April 2015
To All Members, 
Dear Friends, 
Sub: Foreign Trade Policy - Incentives for Tourism Industry under Served from India Scheme (SEIS)
As you are aware, Foreign Trade Policy has been announced on 1st April 2015 for the period 2015 to 2020.  Under the new Foreign Trade Policy, some benefits have been announced by the Ministry of Commerce for the Services Sector including tour operators, travel agents, hotels, transports etc. under Services Export from India Scheme (SEIS). 
Attached please find highlights of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015.  We have highlighted some of the related points related to tourism sector. 
However, we are trying to get more clarity to know what the actual benefits are and how our members can avail those benefits and criteria/eligibility to claim such benefits. 
We shall update you on the same once we get the full details 
With regards.                                                                                                 
Subhash Goyal                                                     Sarab Jit Singh
President                                                              Sr. Vice President
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