DEL/288/2016                          18 April, 2016              
To, All Active Members,
Dear Members,
Sub: IATO Elections, Saturday, 23rd April, 2016 at 11 AM at The Park, New Delhi
As you all are aware IATO Elections will take place on Saturday, 23rd April, 2016 at 1100 hours at The Park Hotel, New Delhi. Distribution of Ballot Papers would be between 1100 hours to 1330 hours. Members are requested to reach in time so that election process can be started sharp at 1100 hours. 
Please ensure that Ballot Papers are ticked (√ ) against the name to whom the members want to vote. Do not put any other mark or cross etc. on the Ballot Paper.  In such cases, the ballot paper would be treated as invalid. REPEAT TICK ( √ )  ON THE BALLOT PAPER as per number of posts mentioned i.e. 
a)  For the post of President, Sr. Vice President; Vice President; Hony. Secretary; Hony. Treasurer and Hony Joint Secretary - Tick (√) against one candidate only.
b)  For the post of EC Members (Active) - Tick (√) against Five candidates of your choice.  
c)  Similarly, for the post of EC Members (Allied) - Tick (√) against three candidates of your choice.
d)  If ticking is done for more or less candidates, the ballot paper will stand rejected.    
The agenda for the Elections is as under:- 
1100 - 1105 hrs Returning officer to start the process
1105 - 1115 hrs Queries if any, on the provisional balance sheet to be answered by the Chartered Accountant
1115- 1330 hrs Election process to start with Distribution of Ballot Papers/Casting of Vote
1330 hrs Lunch and Counting of Ballot papers. On completion of counting, results to be declared by the Returning Officer followed by address by the new President. 
I seek your cooperation in making the election process very democratic and efficient.
Thanking you,
Akshay Kumar
Returning Officer
IATO Elections - 2016
I……………………………. will attend the IATO Elections on Saturday, 23rd April 2016 at 1100 hours at  The Park Hotel, New Delhi. 
Name of the company………………………………………..