30th April 2016 
All Members, 
Dear Colleagues, 
You must have read in the newspapers about the news that No diesel vehicles will be allowed to ply in Delhi NCR after 30th April 2016.  
Attached please find a copy of circular that has been issued by ITTA to all its members, which is self-explanatory.
We are awaiting for the written detailed orders from the Government. We shall circulate the same to the members as soon the same are received.  
With best regards,
Rajiv Mehra                    Lally Mathews
Vice President                Hony. Secretary

30th April 2016
Dear Member,
Greetings from ITTA.
The matter regarding operation of diesel taxis in Delhi/NCR was came up for discussions today in the Supreme Court, where we had hired a Senior advocate to represent our case.
We are pleased to inform you that court has agreed to our contention that All India Tourist permit vehicles should be allowed to operate in Delhi/NCR  and accordingly permission has been granted to operate AITP cars.  Court has banned operation of vehicles by aggregators as well as those operating on point to point basis.
We expect the order by today evening and members will be informed accordingly.
For your information following were present in the court from ITTA:
1)   Mr. Krishan Dutt Yadav
2)   Mr.Babu Panicker
3)   Mr. Sharat Chandra
4)   Mr. Rajesh Loomba
5)   Mr. Manav Behri
Krishan Dutt Yadav
President, ITTA