DEL/285/2016                         May 4, 2016
All Members, 
Dear Colleagues, 
Sub: Operation of All India Tourist Permit Diesel (AITP) Cars in Delhi
Greetings from IATO!
We are giving below a copy of circular which has been circulated by President ITTA in respect of the above subject. The same is self-contained.
Please take necessary action accordingly. 
If there is any difficulty faced by you, please inform IATO office and we will take up with the concerned authorities. 
Pronab Sarkar                         

3rd May 2016
Greetings from ITTA.
We are happy to inform you that our meeting with Mr. Sandeep Goel, Special commissioner-Traffic, Delhi Police, went off very well today regarding the operations of All India Tourist Permit diesel Cars.
We have been assured that none of our cars will be harassed by police in Delhi.
However, for the purpose of distinguishing vehicles owned by our members from other vehicles, we have been asked by them to keep copy of recognition certificate issued by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India with driver and shown to the police officials when demanded.  In addition we have also committed that all our vehicles carry a duty slip/assignment slip which carries complete details of customer and assignment, which is signed by customers  after completion of assignment.  Therefore, you are requested to please ensure that properly filled in duty slips are always given to the drivers and drivers  should immediately produce the same if demanded by police officials ascertaining that we are not doing operations which are not permitted under the permit conditions.
The next date of hearing in the Supreme Court is 9th of May 2016 and we will keep you informed about the outcome.
Meanwhile, we request our members who have not paid their share of legal expenses to remit the same immediately as we have to clear the bills of advocates.
Thanks and regards,
Krishan Dutt Yadav