11th May 2016 
To, All Members,
Dear Colleagues, 
Greetings from IATO!
We sincerely wish to strengthen our membership and want that as Pan National Organization, IATO should spread its wings in all the regions especially where the membership of IATO is very little. 
Just to let you know figures for last two year membership were as follows:- 
Category Financial year 2014-15 Financial Year 2015-16
Active 326 343
Allied 1183 1243
Total 1509 1586
May I request you for your cooperation on the following:-
All our members should support their IATO Regional and State Chapter Chairmen to enroll more members. Details for the membership are as follows:- 
a) Active Membership: A firm or company having established place of business in India and recognized by the Department of Tourism as Tour Operator / Travel Agent for a minimum period of two years and its major substantial part of activity of promotion of tourism and foreign exchange earnings in a year is minimum Rs. 20,00,000/- shall be eligible for membership as an active member.
b) Associate Membership: Any other office including overseas offices of an active or allied member shall be eligible for associate membership of the association. They shall have no right to vote in the proceedings of the association. 
c) Allied Membership: Any firm or company, which is regularly engaged or associated with Tourism and travel industry such as carrier companies, hoteliers, restaurants, excursion agents, transport contractors, forwarding and clearing agents, shipping companies, state tourist corporations / organizations, hotel marketing representatives/ agencies, trade publications and any overseas firm / company /corporation / organization shall be eligible for membership as an allied member. Minimum turnover should be Rs. 10,00,000/-.  
d) Change of Status from Allied to Active:- Any of our existing Allied members (tour operators/travel agents) who are recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and have completed two years after MoT recognition can convert their membership from Allied to Active, need to re-apply for change of status from Allied to Active on the prescribed Membership Application Form and submit the same with all the relevant documents.
Members ship Fee Structure for the new membershi:- 
Admission Fee
(Charged once only at the time of entry)
Annual Subscription Service Tax @ 14.5% Total Amount
Active membership Rs. 5000 Rs. 5000 1450 11450/-
Allied/Associate/ International Allied Membership Rs. 5000 Rs. 4500 1378 10878/- 
Membership application and other details can be downloaded from the following link:-
A consolidated note on the IATO members benefit is placed below. 
In case of any clarification or assistance, please feel free to contact Mr. Gour Kanjilal, Executive Director or Mr. B.D. Taneja, GM, IATO Secretariat Tel: 011-25750024, 25738803 email: iato@airtelmail.in, contact@iato.in
Thanking you and with best regards, 
Rajiv Mehra
Vice President

Benefits of becoming IATO Member
Often many tour operators have approached us to educate them about the benefits which will accrue to them by having the membership of Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO). This question in their mind is quite genuine and we as IATO promoters must give them the clarifications so that on its merit they take a right decision. However, please note our membership is purely voluntary.
Benefits which will accrue to MEMBETS are as under:
Global networking: Tourism is a very important industry and the people who are working for the growth of this a sector need to be recognized and have a good networking platform. They need to select market, know about geography/climate/culture / age wise population, demands, needs, competitors/ level of economy, currencies/Govt. Policies/ restrictions/ air connectivity marketing tools. IATO provides the best platform for members to exchange ideas and do networking during IATO meetings. 
Global Participation in Tourism & Travel Exhibitions: Active members get the opportunity to participate in the National Tourism Pavilion of the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India on a concessional rate (worked out by the Ministry) which otherwise beyond the reach of new members and join the promotional events organized by the Ministry of Tourism. It provides an opportunity to interact with lot of exhibitors on a one to one basis all under one roof.
Global Road Shows organized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India: in collaboration with IATO about 14-15 global road Shows are organized covering many new markets as also traditional markets. The participation is restricted to Active members only. These road shows provide opportunity to members to reach new market and get new business contacts. It provides first-hand knowledge about various destinations products and exposure to new ideas along with direct interactions and exposure to new idea along with potential possibilities. 
Represent in Global Events organized by the India Tourism Offices Overseas/Embassy of India sponsored events as IATO members.
Get Global exposure: received through Ministry of Tourism website linked to IATO’s website for business relations/ leads.
Ministry of Tourism Sponsored Hospitality Guests handling:  As IATO active members, you are entitled to apply for guest handling as and when such guests handling notes are by IATO, on receipt of such requests from Ministry of Tourism.
Other benefits 
• You can join IATO luncheon meetings where in eminent speakers address our members on emergent issues and can get yourself updated mainly on tax related matter.
• You can join IATO convention with reduced fee for members. This is an event which is a must for all in travel and tourism business.
• As IATO member, you can join IATO sponsored events (rental chargers with reduced rates for SATTE, TTF etc and other events where IATO bargains through logo support in course of the year.
• You can join FAM tours organized by IATO with state government/suppliers.
• You can join IATO sponsored Human Resource Development Progamme round the year.
• You can join IATO sponsored workshop/ seminars.
• You can join sub-committees of IATO and give your valuable inputs based on your interest and expertise on the areas.
• You can write your experience in IATO newsletter for better interest of our members.
• You can join the Ministry of Tourism approval committees for approval of Tour Operators, Hotels, Restaurants, Bed & Breakfast establishments represent IATO in the team. Thus gain first hand experience about MOT approval procedures
• You can raise issues that need immediate redressal (mainly an issue that covers the majority interest of our members).
This is only indicative, the value additions are added from time to time.