May 19, 2016  
To All IATO Members,
Dear Colleagues,
Sub: India Tourism Event, Venice 13-14 June, 2016
This is further to   our email sent yesterday  regarding Embassy of India in Rome planning to organize second tourism promotion events at Venice on 13/14th June of 2016. Our Embassy is very keen that maximum tour operators should participate in this event. 
Federturismo, the apex organization is partnering the event. About 100 tour operators from Italian side and 50 from Indian side will participate in the event. The idea is to discuss and enter to business deals in promoting tourism to each other's country. Embassy is in discussion to get discounted hotel rates for the participants in Venice. Embassy desired that, India tourism office, Milan and Air India to send a list of 100/200 tour operators of India to enable Embassy to send official invitations to them.
Embassy plans to prepare an action plan with involvement of tour operators in conducting 'Know India and Visit India' in the ten most important cities of Italy. Embassy will discuss with Federturismo and the tourism ministry in organising these events in the most populous cities of north and south Italy.
Members who wish to participate should forward their name directly to Mr. C. Gangadhar urgently as also for any further clarifications in the matter:
Mr. C. Gangadhar
India Tourism Milan
Tel :  +39 3319018190.
Thanking you and with best regards,
Rajiv Mehra
Vice President